An Ode to Greek Yogurt


Where would I be without you, oh, Greek Yogurt?




As a child, I wasn’t raised in a “yogurt loving” household. Let’s be honest, though– the 80s weren’t exactly yogurt’s hey-day. I remember ONE friend from my childhood who liked yogurt and I recall her mom saying that it was a deliberate choice she made to raise her loving yogurt because it was such a healthy source of good bacteria. Now, listen– that was some seriously woo-woo crunchy thinking for the 80s!


By the time I was in high school, I recognized yogurt as a necessary– and not altogether repulsive– compliment to antibiotics. I knew eating yogurt helped keep other bad things from happening in my body, so it was worth it. Also, by high school, TCBY had swept the nation and we had all learned the joy of frozen yogurt and, good heavens, that was probably the greatest thing that had ever happened to yogurt!


From there, I went through fits and spurts with my yogurt eating. I was a really big fan of those Yogurt “Whips”, especially the chocolate raspberry variety. I also ate my share of “light” varieties packed full of aspartame during early adulthood.


I’ve made my own yogurt before. I’ve bought big ol’ tubs of plain. Also– vanilla. And, yes, I still buy cups of flavored stuff sometimes. (I try to avoid any sort of “go-gurt” type product mainly because, having worked in an elementary school? I know what a nightmare those things are. I’m going to give it to you straight– about 12% of your little ones can open those independently. The other 88%? Need help. Every. Single. Time.)


Anyway, it wasn’t until the last couple years, when, as my kids grew, my life became increasingly more hectic, that I discovered Greek Yogurt.


Here’s why I love it:


1. Greek Yogurt is thicker. It has substance. It’s rich and feels decadent. It’s not slippery and slimy and it doesn’t glop off the spoon.


2. Greek Yogurt has more protein than its counterpart and, thus, is more filling.


3. In a pinch– and, yes, I know this isn’t ideal– Greek Yogurt can act as a quick meal. Again, I wouldn’t recommend just yogurt for breakfast or lunch on a regular basis but, every now and again? It works. And it keeps me from feeling totally hangry for a good, long time.


4. The plain stuff is an awesome sour cream substitute. Got a recipe that calls for sour cream? You can totally use Greek Yogurt. Even my grandma’s sour cream cookie recipe comes out beautifully when made with Greek Yogurt.


5. And, finally, not to be overly dramatic, but… GREEK YOGURT HAS KEPT ME ALIVE THESE PAST FEW DAYS. For the first time in my whole entire life, I was taken down by strep throat. Ouch! My glands swelled up something awful (which the nurse practitioner said meant my immune system was working properly– thanks, immune system!) and my throat was so sore and tight, I could barely swallow. The only thing I could seem to slide down? Greek Yogurt.


So, thanks, Greek Yogurt. I’ve eaten more than my fair share of you lately. You’ve kept me on my feet while causing minimal discomfort. You’re probably also helping my system along as I now take these antibiotics. How about that? Hero times two!


Three cheers for Greek Yogurt! :)


(How do you like your yogurt?)

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