Accessorizing the Capsule Wardrobe



I have an obscene amount of jewelry.


There– I said it.


Some women love shoes. Others love purses. Still more hoard makeup.


I? Love jewelry.


Because I’m a fan of the sparklers– and because my husband loves shopping for them– I have quite a collection of the real deal, compiled from our years of two incomes and no kids. Sapphires and rubies, diamonds and topaz, citrine, peridot, amethyst– you NAME it: I’ve probably got it.


I do rely on some of that to accessorize my capsule wardrobe, but I’ve also added a fair number of statement necklaces, fun earrings, scarves, etc. to my collection. These are easy and fast and change a look in an instant… and I don’t worry about them getting damaged while I work with little people all day long.




For shoes, I always used to be a flip-flops to boots and back again kind of girl. I had no need for any other footwear.


Teaching changed all that for me.


Now I find myself needing lots of support and comfort because I’m, quite literally, on my feet and zipping up and down hallways all the livelong day.


Since beginning this job, I’ve added several pairs of Aerosoles– from flats to boots to heeled sandals– to my collection and, believe me, they are serious workhorses. I love them!


I do not count my accessories in my capsule number. Honestly, I would cry if I had to limit my jewelry choices too severely. For some? That wouldn’t matter one bit. I know plenty of women who wear little to no jewelry at all. But they? Are not me. :)


My jewelry and scarves take up very little space, which is a perk, and I do not find it daunting to make choices about such things– I truly enjoy picking out my accessories for each day.


All this to say… like everything else I’ve said about a capsule wardrobe, I believe you need to make your own rules! Let’s face it– it’s not helpful if it makes you miserable.


So tell me this–


What’s your favorite way to accessorize? Do you enjoy it or find it tedious? I’d love to know your story!

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6 comments to Accessorizing the Capsule Wardrobe

  • Elizabeth

    It’s fun to see more frequent posts here again. I’m glad life has kept you happy and busy but I’ve also missed your posts! :)

    I own very little jewelry. Sparklers or statement pieces aren’t really my thing. I have a few understated necklaces that are meaningful to me (a cross necklace, a necklace engraved with a Bible verse, and a customized engraved necklace with my favorite line from the Latin mass), and I tend to put on one of those and literally wear it for a week straight before swapping it for one of the others. I also have a few rings and bracelets I like, but I work in a direct support care setting so I can’t really wear those at work because when I’m not at my desk, then I am likely to be helping clients to cook or to bathe, and rings and bangles don’t really go with medical gloves. ;) So I stick to my favorite necklaces.

    • I can totally see how rings and bracelets wouldn’t work at all in your line of work, Elizabeth! I actually don’t wear a lot of rings teaching, either, because I frequently hold students’ hands or help and I never want them to get caught. Dangly earrings and big necklaces are more common attire for me these days. :) (p.s. I would love to know what line you have engraved on your necklace– it sounds beautiful!)

  • Elizabeth

    That makes sense that rings wouldn’t be the best in your line of work either. I’m not engaged or married, but I feel bad for my coworkers who have to take off their pretty diamond rings when they come to work. It’s just not the best setting for any of us to be wearing expensive or larger jewelry. :)

    I have a line from the Sanctus engraved on my necklace. It is “gloria tua,” part of the longer line “Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth; pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria tua,” or “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts; Heaven and earth are full of Your glory.” I would have chosen the full line to put on my necklace but my space was limited. ;) I like the reminder that God is tangible in all aspects of creation and the reminder to give praise wherever I am in whatever circumstances.

    Am I right in saying that the Sanctus is part of the mass, or is it more correctly a prayer or liturgy but not part of the mass? I was raised Protestant but I am in a stage that I jokingly call “Catholic curious.” I have attended a few masses and I have been doing quite a bit of reading on the Catholic tradition. There is so much that I find beautiful and appealing about the Catholic way of worship. The traditional liturgy and creeds especially draw me in and I find them very helpful in my personal prayer and devotions, but I am not a Catholic scholar by any means and I’m aware that my knowledge base is on a beginner level! So feel free to correct me where I’ve used the wrong terms!

    • That is BEAUTIFUL, Elizabeth– I love it! It is most definitely part of the Mass, though not always said at the weekday masses. Always, always for the sabbath and solemnities, though. :) I adore that you call yourself “Catholic curious.” I hope you have been made to feel warmly welcome at the masses you’ve attended thus-far.

  • I will admit to not being much of an accessorizer. I have a scarf or two that I pull out during the cool months, and a few pairs of silver or gold dangly earrings. I have some nice pre-kid jewelry, but it’s all very small and fine and I feel like I will worry Joshua might break it.

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