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Hey, hey! Long time, no write! Our new school year kicked off last week and, with it, my continued work as a substitute teacher. I LOVE working in the school, so it’s a good thing, but I’m sorry if I dropped off the earth a bit there!


Today, I wanted to share a bit about my very first capsule wardrobe with you all. 


I’ve tossed around the idea of a capsule wardrobe for some time now. What is it? Well, it’s basically a very pared down wardrobe with a limited number of articles used for a set time period, typically three months.


What held me back before? Well, honestly, the thought of choosing a range of clothes to cover a full three-month season kind of stressed me out. Connecticut is a state with dramatic changes in weather and, frankly, choosing garments to cover temps from mid-90s (like we had this week) to snow (which we will no doubt see some time in November) seemed somewhat absurd.


Then, I had an “ah-ha!” moment and realized that there’s no reason I had to choose 37 garments for a 3 month stretch. Instead? I chose about 26 articles (not counting shoes, accessories, sleepwear, or workout clothes) to get me through TWO months– September and October.


The plan is to craft a new “capsule” every two months, for the following seasons:


  • Early Fall (September and October)
  • Falling into Winter (November and December)
  • The Deep Freeze (January and February)
  • Sprinter (March and April)
  • True Spring (May and June)
  • Mild Summer (July and August)


Up first? Early Fall!


Here’s what it looks like:


Early Fall Capsule Wardrobe


And here’s what’s in it!


  1. black & teal chevron-printed sleeveless maxi dress
  2. navy floral short-sleeved dress
  3. black t-shirt dress
  4. navy convertible hi-lo skirt/sleeveless dress
  5. grey maxi skirt
  6. black maxi skirt
  7. black midi skirt
  8. navy and white striped midi skirt
  9. black capris
  10. black pants
  11. black leggings
  12. jeans
  13. grey long-sleeved knit top with beaded detail
  14. pale pink lightweight sweater with lace detail
  15. purple dressy short-sleeved top
  16. black & white dressy short-sleeved top
  17. navy cap-sleeved blouse
  18. navy sequined tank
  19. black lace-trimmed tank
  20. white lace-trimmed tank
  21. aqua tank
  22. teal tank
  23. teal & purple floral lightweight cardigan
  24. white jacket
  25. black dressy cardigan
  26. denim jacket


And that is it!


It’s too early in the game to tell you how well this is going to work overall, but I am really enjoying my wide-open, airy closet. It is so easy to see what I have and to make simple choices each morning.


Look for updates as we get further into this season! :)


Hit me up with any questions you might have…



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2 comments to Early Fall Capsule Wardrobe

  • Mary B

    I love seeing how you tweaked this to make it work for you! I am very intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but haven’t jumped into doing it yet. I am not a shopper, so I would have to spend money to get some good quality pieces to get up to the ‘number,’ whatever that would end up being. It sounds daunting right now, so I may wait a bit longer!

    • Hi Mary! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I want to be completely open and authentic and tell you that MANY of the pieces in my capsule wardrobe are items I found at Walmart. The rest are mostly from Old Navy and Lands End. I’m certainly no fashionista and I don’t typically invest a lot in my wardrobe. I firmly believe that we don’t necessarily have to spend oodles to find things that look and feel good. :) All that just to say… don’t feel like you have to splurge on all high-quality pieces to make it work for you. If you decide to try it at some point, I’d love to hear what you think!

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