Times I’ve Eaten My Words



Today, I thought it’d be kind of fun to look back at some statements that I know for certain I’ve made either here on the blog or on social media that turned out to be totally untrue. Now, I wouldn’t say I was LYING, per se, since I believed what I was writing sincerely.


surprised face


Nonetheless, I made claims that I’ve since completely abandoned. So, let’s just say I was a bit short-sighted when making these comments…


1. Why do they make different styles of little girl underpants? Briefs, FTW!


I remember when my husband was out undie shopping with C. and he called to ask me if it mattered which style they got and I thought to myself (and said to him), “um, YEAH, it matters! Briefs, dude!” And so he bought the briefs and she wore them and, to this day, that style makes her perfectly happy.


But then there was G. While my older two really don’t care what we buy for them to wear, G. is just pickier about it. She won’t wear jeans, for example. She can’t handle 3/4 length sleeves. Halter necks drive her a bit crazy. Honestly, it’s not that hard to accommodate her preferences, so I’ve deemed it a “little deal.”


One of her pet peeves? Waist bands that come up too high. Now, don’t get me wrong– we’re not talking low riders slung around her hips. She mostly wears knit leggings or skirts where it’s easy to just pull them right below the belly button and call it good. No big deal.


But when it came to undies? She was forever uncomfortable in the higher cut styles, They bothered her during gymnastics and she was always squirming. Buying a slightly lower cut (like a boy short or moderate bikini) was a game-changer for her. And, honestly, her underpants are always covered, so I’ve decided it really doesn’t matter much, now does it? She’s not wearing this cut to be “sexy.” She’s just wearing it because it doesn’t drive her crazy!



2. Boys should never wear skinny jeans.


Okay, I think I actually said MEN had no business in skinny jeans, but I would have included boys if you had pressed me. I still don’t think most males really belong in super-snug-fitting jeans. I don’t consider it the most flattering cut, even on the most fit among them.


But I buy them. Every year.


My A. is five feet tall and right around eighty pounds. He is tall and lanky and built to run. He’s super hard to fit in pants. Last year, when pair after pair after pair of straight-leg, carpenter, boot-cut, etc. jeans ballooned around him like a paper sack, I threw my hands in the air and ordered  a pair of skinny jeans. And you know what? They fit him great. They aren’t even close to tight on him. They just look like normal old straight leg jeans.


So, yeah. I buy boys’ skinny jeans.



3. “You’re not too busy to clip coupons.”


I said this one at least five times! And you know what? I still actually believe it’s true. There are so, so many little pockets of time that we all have in our days. Even when we’re running crazy, they’re still there.


But the honest truth is this– just because you probably COULD? Doesn’t mean you want to. And that’s okay.


Here’s the bottom line– when you’re busy, and many of us are indeed REALLY busy, you have to prioritize what time you have left. Make no mistake– we pretty much ALL have at least a little bit of leftover time. Some people use it paint, some go for a walk, some bake cookies, some clip coupons. Those are all choices, no matter what we tell ourselves. (Sidenote: this is why it’s SUPER annoying when people say, “I wish I had the time to read… must be nice!”… because, of course you have the time to read– you just choose to use it for something else!)


Anywho, life is about choices. And, in some seasons, clipping coupons might be a priority while, in others, it’s just not. Speaking for myself? I do almost all my shopping at ALDI and the reduced bakery stand at another market. I still have the skill-set to organize and orchestrate a super couponing haul and I still get a little high from it. But, for now, this season of my life has me spending my margin time on other tasks… and that is okay.



So there you go. Time changes things!


How about I go ahead and make another blanket statement that I might regret later? —


I will never own a selfie stick.*


There. I said it. Now let’s see what happens in the next few years…



*I don’t think I’ll ever own a selfie stick. But, if I do, Lord, please don’t let me be one of those people who can’t manage to keep the STICK out of the SHOT. That’s all I’m asking. ;)



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6 comments to Times I’ve Eaten My Words

  • I thought for sure this post was going to mention your declaration that you’ll never me on Facebook. :)

    You are there now, but are you still a Twitter girl at heart?

    • Ha ha! I am all OVER Facebook, it seems! You know… I loved Twitter. So much. And then I feel like it changed and I gradually drifted away. I would LOVE old-school Twitter, but I’m not sure I’ll ever find it again. *tears*

  • Sonja

    I am right with you on the skinny jeans, but all 3 of my boys are stick straight skinny…my 12yo is 5’6″ and 90#, 10yo is 5′ and 62# and the 8yo is 4’8″ 50# … the skinny jeans almost look baggy on them, lol

  • Kathy

    Have you ever tried hipster underwear for your daughter. They are full coverage but sit a little lower than briefs. They were a game changer at our house.

    • Thanks for the tip, Kathy! The “bikinis” that we’ve purchased are really more like hipsters than bikinis as I know them– the sides are still pretty wide and the rear is full-coverage. But I’ll keep an eye out for the ones actually labeled hipster, too, now. :)

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