Like When You Were Dating



Have I ever mentioned I hate bowling?


Okay, hate is too strong of a word.


Have I ever mentioned that I really don’t like bowling?


It’s true.


Mainly, I find it stressful and I don’t even like to watch my ball roll down the lane. I don’t actually care what I score, but I feel like I’m on display up there and I can never figure out how to coordinate that confident combination stride/roll, so I just look awkward and uncomfortable.


Anyway, I really don’t enjoy it…


But my husband likes bowling.


He has fond memories of weekly Sunday bowling events with his family and is always eager to try to recreate this with our own. He realizes that I’m not a huge fan and that it’s unlikely to become a weekly tradition with us, but he still brings it up pretty frequently.


I’m not even going to sugarcoat this– it’s not fun for me. Even watching others enjoy it is not enough for me to have a great time. And, frankly, my husband doesn’t want me there as a spectator– he wants me to play. That’s what makes it fun for HIM.


And so…




There I was, wearing borrowed shoes and trying to find a ball with skinny enough finger holes for my skeletal hand.




Because it’s worth it.


It’s worth it to go ahead and do something that you don’t really enjoy just because it brings delight to the other person. It’s worth it to endure some awkwardness and channel humility if it means you’re part of a greater joy.


Basically, it’s worth it to behave like you would when you were dating… even when you’re married. :)



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