Only one is the fastest… and that’s okay.



So, A. got this award certificate at VBS. And the very first thing I thought was, “There is no way– NO WAY– this would ever fly in the public school.”




People often refuse to acknowledge varying abilities and heaven forbid you throw a superlative like “smartest” out there– people would gasp! The horror!



But here’s the thing… the kids in A’s group? Weren’t the least bit bothered. At least not that I could detect. They also weren’t bothered by the “most athletic” or “funniest” awards that were given.



Do we think children are so ignorant or unaware that they don’t realize they have varying talents? Do we think they truly have such fragile egos that they can’t endure hearing another child called “the best” at something? And, if so, who do we think made them that way?



The kids aren’t the problem. We need to stop pretending they are. Their egos and esteem remain perfectly intact while giving a peer a pat on the back for excelling at something. If anything, they realize the value in a balanced team with different skills and talents. And they feel proud when they’re rewarded for something they’re actually good at.



I’ll end my little rant now, and keep this short and sweet. But it’s something I really, truly believe.

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