If You Could Only Have 5 Foods…



…what would they be?


In the spirit of old-schooly blogging– since my blog is now seven years old and all (WHAT…???)– I thought I’d ponder which five foods I would never, EVER want to have to live without.


Couple things:


1. I could live without these foods. Obviously. But I can’t imagine wanting to!!!

2. These are all FOODS. Drinks deserve their own post some day. Were I to include drinks, you can bet that coffee would have ousted one of these. I adore coffee. Hot. Black. All the livelong day.



Ready? Here we go!





1. Red Raspberries


I have such mad love for red raspberries, I can’t even explain it. I don’t even think they’re fruit. They can’t possibly be good for me. I could eat them by the quart if I could afford it. They are PERFECTION. Sweet, but not too sweet. Compact, juicy, and delightful. Oh, raspberries…


2. Swiss Cheese


I love all cheese, truth be told, but I can easily sit and just eat a whole block of swiss, by itself, slice by slice. I’ve been surprised to learn that swiss cheese is actually a bit polarizing. This blows my mind since I find the flavor nothing short of AH-MAZING, but… to each his own. And more swiss for me.


3. Broccoli


I adore broccoli. I eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, though not usually all on the same day. I buy loads of it and it shows up on the menu plan with shocking regularity. One of my very favorite breakfasts involves a ton a broccoli, a couple eggs, and some sharp white cheddar. I think it’s fab on pizza. I don’t actually think my family loves it as much as I do, but they tolerate it.


4. Avocado


I didn’t discover my passion for avocado until G. was born. My doctor insisted I stay on a liquid diet for some obscene amount of time and, since I was nursing, I WAS STARVING. I requested a lactation consultant and let her advocate for me so they would finally feed me! When they did, they brought an amazing cobb salad and the avocado just rocked my world. Since then, I’ve fallen ever-deeper in my infatuation and my G. looks forward to eating guac just straight off a spoon with me.


5. Eggs


Eggs are fantastic. They’re quick, easy little protein powerhouses. When I run out of them? I pretty much panic. I don’t even know what to do with myself without eggs. Obviously, if we had an allergy in the family, I would figure out what to do with myself. But, since we don’t, I live in world in which eggs make a very regular appearance. I prefer mine with veggies more than bacon — I know!!!– and I especially love them dripping with salsa. I love eggs!


 * * * * *


So there you go.


That was hard, actually. I like lots and lots of different foods and limiting myself to five was a serious exercise in restraint. Fun, though!


How about you? If you could only keep five foods in your diet, what would they be? I’d love to hear in the comments! (You know, old-school style. ;) )

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4 comments to If You Could Only Have 5 Foods…

  • My list of 5 foods I would not want to live without:
    1. Cheese
    2. Pasta
    3. Potatoes
    4. Garbanzo Beans
    5. Tomatoes

    If I had to get rid of any one of these, I would cry. Seriously. :) Garbanzos would be the one I could do without the easiest, the others would cause a disturbance in the FORCE!

  • I think the swiss debate has to do with the fact that there’s gruyere and there’s the stuff that American grocery stores call swiss. One has FLAVOR, the other has its place, but is really just there. :)

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