Not Giving, Just Stretching



Come July, I will have been blogging for seven years.




While there are certainly many bloggers who’ve been in the game for longer than I, that still makes me something of a dinosaur in the blogosphere. I can never remember the numbers, but I know that the percentage of blogs that fade out within the first year is HUGE.


That makes sense, to be honest. The beginning is rough– it’s kind of like standing there, talking to an empty room, just praying that people will eventually show up and want to hear what you have to say.


Anyway, through luck and grit and some fabulous forged friendships, I stuck it out and here I am, still standing. Still writing.


And then, this past fall, I made a huge life change– I decided to go back to work outside the home, part-time.


The initial plan was to substitute teach a couple days a week, maybe.


The reality was that I wound up working an average of four full days per school week, with a fair number of full weeks thrown in there.


I’ve discovered that I both really love it and am actually rather good at it. I don’t have any trouble getting work and I truly LOVE being in the classroom. I enjoy being with the kids and I am THRILLED to have all that adult conversation peppered throughout my day.


But… guess what happened?


I didn’t write so much.


The blog stayed quiet for longer stretches.


In the end– I started to feel that old adage… Something Has to Give.


I’m not going to give up working in the school. Frankly, I just love it too much now.


But… you know what?


I love writing, too.


I love this community. I love those of you who hang with me on Facebook. I love those of you who share your worlds with me on Instagram. I love seeing your emails and messages and comments and being able to interact in so many ways.




I’m not giving up the blog, either.


But I do need to stretch. You’ve already seen a bit of what that looks like– more time between posts. Longer breathers. Less play-by-play, perhaps.


But I’m hangin’ around. Who knows? Maybe the summer will see a resurgence in writing! (We’re still in school right now.)


Either way, thanks for sticking with me. It would make me all kinds of sad to not have you all in my life.

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1 comment to Not Giving, Just Stretching

  • Katie

    I was so nervous that this was a farewell post!! Whew, I’m so glad it’s not. I completely understand how life changes and how blogging needs to take a backseat but please don’t completely stop. I would miss you and your blog so much :)

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