Uncut Diamonds



We teased our children about how spoiled they are. Not only did the “Easter Bunny” bring them some fun little doo-dads and treats– like cool new leak-proof water bottles!– they had even more goodies rained upon them. There were the expected baskets from Bama and Papa. The random treat here and there from school friends. Then, the man who sits behind us every week in church surprised me on Palm Sunday with some gorgeous hand-painted tin pails packed chock-full of all sorts of kid-awesomeness to give them. Lucky little ducks, I have! Still, I didn’t anticipate the man who sits in FRONT of us showing up at our doorstep Easter morning with three gloriously wrapped and bowed baskets for our little ones. So much generosity and kindness abounds around us.


This last gentleman also pressed an Easter card into my hands along with a bit of gourmet chocolate. He didn’t linger. Just wished us a blessed Easter and was on his way.


The card itself is lovely.




I opened it to read the pre-printed message inside and was surprised to find it filled with his hand-written thoughts…


“In life it is said, ‘enjoy the little things… for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things…’


Your daughters’ smiles and laughter, I am confident, bring our parishoners and definitely myself a ray of sunshine to every Sunday’s morning mass. Our Sundays are brightened with a couple of smiles and a bit of laughter that makes all else or any gloom or distraction melt away. These brief moments and small but very signifcant minutes take up the most room in our hearts.


Your son’s weekly dedication and devotedness every Sunday is admired by all.


I have taught my sons to always be respectful, humble, confident, and to have compassion for everyone. Many have commented to us that they display these qualities. I light up when this feedback comes my way.


So know that their smiles are a reflection of your teachings. They are truly uncut diamonds.


So enjoy this Easter and we hope that we could express our sincere thanks for brightening everyone’s weekly Sunday.”



And I got all choked up and misty.



I share this not because I want you to think I’m so awesome. Trust me– I’m the mama whose patience often runs thin and who shoots daggers with my eyes if I see my son fidget at the altar. I am as imperfect as they come and I make no attempt to hide that.




To have someone tell me I must be doing something right? To have someone share what he sees when he looks at our little family ? To have a man who’s further into the journey of parenthood than I point out the good?


Oh, what a treasure.


Share the good, sweet friends. Share the triumphs. Let’s be honest with one another like this gentleman was with me– we all like to hear the good feedback! It helps keep us going when the going gets tough.


You’re doing awesome, my friends. You’re making a difference in the world and the lives of others.


Keep on keepin’ on.

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