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Something I’ve been thinking about…


IRL vs. Online

IRL, I’m one of the crunchiest people I know because I make about half of my cleaners and use rags instead of paper towels.

Online, I’d be kicked out of Camp Crunchy in a heartbeat for using disposable diapers.


IRL, I eat more whole foods than 95% of the people around me.

Online, the fact that I like a can of Spaghettios here and there means I’m fair game for scathing comments about my junky diet.


IRL, I’m one of the most “free-range” parents in my circle because I send my 4th grader into the store by himself and I don’t feel the need to cross every street with my children.

Online, that pretty much just means I’m not a helicopter parent.


IRL, I’m safety-minded and careful with my babies.

Online, I’d likely get blasted in a “bad parent” meme due to the fact that my kiddos rode in car seats with winter jackets on sometimes.


IRL, making pizza from scratch means buying pre-made dough for many people, so the fact that I make my own from flour, yeast, etc. makes me fairly remarkable.

Online, the fact that I don’t grind my own flour means I “cheat a little.”


IRL, I can tell my birth story and get amazed and awed responses, but no judgmental questions.

Online, I’ve had to defend my c-section, my diet, my prenatal care, and even the spacing of my children to total strangers.


IRL, my lack of cable is a real rarity.

Online, it doesn’t really count since I have Netflix and Hulu.


IRL, I’m a young-ish mommy with a larger-than-average family.

Online, I’m an old lady with a smallish family.


IRL, I’m very sensitive and a bit of a people pleaser.

Online, I’m very sensitive and a bit of a people pleaser.


Well, at least that’s something. :)

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4 comments to IRL vs. Online

  • I want to comment on this. Because I get ya. And it makes me mad that we feel defensive about our choices when the Internet is supposed to be a “community,” right?

    But with my IRL friends, I feel kinda of defensive sometimes because I am that weirdo who actually cooks dinner (and sometimes with foods from the Asian section) and breastfed a baby to 20 months. Or maybe those are areas where I feel insecure and that makes me defensive.

    I don’t know.
    Life is weird.
    Love ya, spaghetti-o sister.

    • <3 you, too! I think in real life, we often naturally find the common ground we have and tend to focus on that. Online, we put stuff out there and people fixate on the things that are DIFFERENT. Not always, of course. I love my online community. But it's challenging. And confusing sometimes.

  • I am so perplexed because I don’t think these things, and honestly, had no clue that that was your online experience. BUT, I also don’t read many blogs besides yours anymore. Maybe the secret is being an online hermit!

    In any case, I think you’re awesome. :)

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