Irish by Marriage



I’m German.


And Norwegian.


A bit of Czechoslovakian thrown in there, too.


March Lovin'



I am not Irish.


Despite my fair skin.


Despite my green-blue eyes.


Despite my never-ending supply of green in my wardrobe.


But, hey!


I’m Irish by marriage!


So bring on the shamrocks and rainbows and blarney!


And Shamrock Shakes.


Definitely the shamrock shakes.




How about you? Are you Irish? Or Irish-by-marriage? 




More fun festive stuff for this time of year:



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2 comments to Irish by Marriage

  • mary

    I like to call myself, and our whole family, European-American. We have ancestors from all over Europe, so we can have our own -American, instead of being called White or Caucasian as those words tend to be “racist”, or used for racist purposes.

  • Heather

    Oh my! Shamrock shakes are big faves in my family. I am Irish, my husband is the Irish by marraige one.

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