I love them, too.



I had the opportunity to sub for a first grade class for five days in a row so their teacher could go spend some time with her father whose health was failing.


I had a chance to read one-on-one with each and every one of them multiple times. I taught about measurement over several math lessons. I introduced the letter Y as a vowel and we explored those sounds and patterns. Every single day, I had a half hour to just gather them around a rocking chair and read aloud.


Yesterday was the last day and I ran into a couple of the children’s parents throughout the day. “Oh, YOU’RE Mrs. S!’ they would exclaim.


When you sub in the same classroom for five days running, you have to expect the parents are going to hear all about you.


That was followed with, “I kept hearing all these stories with Mrs. S. in them! I asked Matt*, ‘So, is she nice?’ and he said, ‘Mom– we LOVE Mrs. S!!!’”


* * * * *


I want to be honest with you all…


When I signed up to substitute teach? I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or be any good at it. All I knew was that I enjoyed teaching church school, I liked volunteering in the classroom, and the substitute schedule worked well with my current life situation. So I went for it.



But, as I carefully packed St. Patrick’s Day stickers from home to use on the behavior chart of a defiant child once the calendar flipped to March…


As I smiled teaching them all about the word “symbiotic” so they could share the word with their parents and show them what clever six year olds they are…


As I found myself in the public library, looking for a book on funny stories of symbiosis in the animal kingdom just to share with them…


And, yes, even as I heard one of them declare, “Mrs. S… you’re BREAKING MY HEART!” when I told him his behavior had shown me he wasn’t ready to join us in a game of 7-Up…


I realized…


I love them, too.


I love their tight squeezes on the way out the door. I love their sweet “thank yous” over some of the the smallest things. I love¬†when something clicks and I love watching them work hard to try to figure it out.


This list could go on and on forever, to be honest.


There are so many things I enjoy about these little people.


I worried that I wouldn’t be any good at subbing and that I wouldn’t really enjoy it.


Now I worry about how many classes it might take me one day to get certified in elementary ed. ;)



*Name changed. Obviously.
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