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I’m sitting here, snuggled under a zebra-striped furry fleecy blanket, riding out yet another snowstorm. We’ve only been to school one Monday since the New Year, I think… and that day was an accelerated early dismissal day! (<– Translation: we got out at noon.) Next Monday is President’s Day so, even if we dodge a storm, we’ll still be off. Craziness!


Anyway, just for fun, I thought maybe we could talk about quirky clothing issues we have. I’m convinced that we ALL have them, and I think it normalizes it a bit to just be honest. Sometimes these are sensory and sometimes visual but, either way, they’re very real!


clothing quirks


Here are five of mine:


Coat issues:  I live in a state with a definite winter. You’re not going to get by just layering fleece and scarves around here. You need a proper jacket and, even better, a coat. Long wool is both pretty and practical and I’ve had my full-length camel hair coat since I was about 20! I love it. But here’s the thing– if even a CENTIMETER of that wool touches the skin of my neck? I lose my mind. Like, seriously go crazy. I’m distracted and bothered and I can’t even sit still to drive. I have such issues with this that if I see someone else with wool touching their bare neck? I have sympathy itching. It’s ridiculous.


Sleep issues:  I wear tall-length fleece pants to bed in the winter, so you might think I like to be enveloped in coziness. On the contrary, while my legs are fleece-clad, I need my arms to be bare or I can’t sleep. Yep– polar fleece on the bottom, tank on the top. I am nuts.


Sleep issues, part 2:  In the summer? I can’t stand pants or shorts. I only sleep in strappy cotton nightgowns. I told you I have issues. Moving on…


Shirt-length:  I need shirts that are long. This is not because I have a long body. In fact, while my legs are very long, my body and arms are on the short side. Despite that fact, I buy my tops in talls or I wear dresses as shirts. I will not tolerate even upper thigh exposed in leggings and, no matter what type of bottom I wear, I cringe if I feel air against exposed rib, waist, or belly skin. This isn’t a modesty issue or even a matter of self-consciousness– it is purely sensory and it is enough to make me feel fidgety all over. I also really like sleeves that are actually too long for me– there’s something cozy about sweater cuffs around the base of my palms.


Shoe weirdness:  I go from flip-flops to boots and back again. That’s really all I like to wear. I will admit that I now own a couple of more “normal” pairs of shoes that I wear when I teach, but I still love flip-flops and boots most of all.



I’m sure I have more. I’m guessing they’ll occur to me over the course of the day. I read this list and I feel ridiculous. But, at the same time, I know so many people who have their own little clothing quirks. My five-year-old, for example, is not picky about clothes at all, but she just doesn’t like wearing jeans. None of us really like turtlenecks. My husband hates the feel of sweaters, no matter the type of yarn. My best friend can’t tolerate the feel of flip-flops or thong sandals between her toes. We’re all still normal, functioning members of society!


So tell me…


Do YOU have any clothing quirks?

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2 comments to Quirky Clothing Issues

  • Lori

    I need socks on to fall asleep, my husband is the exact opposite. I do not like scarves as a fashion accessory they get in my way. I also can’t drive in a heavy jacket, most of the time I throw my big jacket in the car but I rarely wear it because it’s too bulky, I prefer a zip up sweatshirt hoodie. I get the most comment about the jacket, bit really it has to be almost zero for me to wear it, and in Oklahoma that doesn’t happen too often.

  • alicepat

    (Love your blog by the way). I cannot believe you only got one comment on this post. Maybe there are only a few of us weirdos :) The coat thing really resonated. I have ONLY cotton (maybe some rayon) clothes as NO WOOL CAN TOUCH MY BODY.
    Also, my daughter finds it strange that I cannot do the layering thing with more than one layer on my trunk – that BOTHERS me. Similarly, I could not do (as you do at night) long pants and sleeveless shirts – they have to be EQUAL – don’t you know that?!

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