Words of Affirmation



Let me be real about something here– I am a SUCKER for personality-type quizzes/surveys. No, no, not so much those Facebook ones like, “If you were on a pirate ship, who would you be?” or “Who is your 1920s soulmate?” or any of that nonsense. No, no, I just love those inventories you can take that help you nail down your dominant traits and talents.


This is why I have taken the Myers Briggs multiple times. I always wind up an ESFJ, in case you were curious. This is absolutely zero surprise for this rule-following care-taker here, but I still retake the silly thing just to see if anything changes. (I DID see a shift from T to F as I moved from my teen years to adulthood, so I do think some things are fluid with maturity but, since then? ESFJ all the way.) Anyway, I digress. See? I can get excited about these things!


I also took that whole “Love Language” assessment awhile back. (Okay, and multiple times since.) Are you familiar with that one? Basically, it helps you determine what your particular “love language” is– what speaks the loudest and means the most to you. For some, that might be gifts. For others, physical touch. Still others just really crave acts of service. Me? I am all about the words of affirmation. I mean– it’s not even close. I honestly think I’d be perfectly content doing all the work and not receiving gifts so long as someone kept on constantly telling me how awesome and amazing I am. Yep. It’s the truth.


And you know what?


This is likely part of why substitute teaching has been a great fit for me. I mean, I love teaching, to be honest, so that part’s a no-brainer. I really enjoy all the ages and phases of kiddos, too. The fact that I can work on the days that work with MY schedule at the school that fits with MY routine is also pretty great.


But honestly? Well– here:


poem (1)


And that? Is truly what I hear and receive all the livelong day. “Mrs. S.– your hair is beautiful!” “Mrs. S.– I love your boots!” “Mrs. S– are your nails real? They’re so nice!” “Mrs. S.– you’re so pretty!” (and this gem from yesterday) “You’re the first tall teacher we’ve ever had, Mrs. S.– you look like a model!”


Seriously. All. Day. Long.


And, at the end of each day? It’s the staff– “Thank you SO much for coming in.” “We really, really appreciate you.” “You’re a gift.” “We are so grafeful for your flexibility– thank you.”


And on and on.


And, well, me? I confess I eat it up.


Because the truth of the matter is that, while my children and husband do, indeed, love and appreciate me, they’re not gonna shower me in compiments like that incessantly.


And I have to admit it’s super fun to have a job where they do. ;)

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