What’s Your Christmas Soundtrack?



This time of year, I scroll through my social media feeds and get all twitchy and awkward feeling. You see, I’m just so TIRED of the same ol’ Santa debates and number of gift discussions and yes/no Christmas card hooplah and all that. It kind of rains on my parade, if I’m honest. And, yes, I get the concept of just scrolling past. I just need to get better at it. Could be I take things too personally. ;)




Anyhow, one thing I NEVER get sick of is reading about Christmas carols. I absolutely love to see which ones people adore and which ones drive you all batty. It amazes me how abhorred some songs are that were never even on my radar as offensive, while some that are clearly well-loved make me want to run for the hills. It is a true testament to the uniqueness of our tastes and perceptions!



So let’s start with some songs that apparently offend a lot of people, but don’t rattle me one bit:


“Feliz Navidad”– Really? This one bugs people? I honestly find it kind of fun and catchy and I like singing it because my mouth really loves forming foreign words, even if they’re repetitive as all get out. The more I “research” this, it appears this song is particularly disliked in the Southwest and I wonder if it gets really, really overplayed there. I don’t feel like I hear it more than once a week, so that might be part of why I’m unbothered.


“Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime”– I have no feelings about this one whatsoever. I don’t really notice it. But, apparently, it sounds like rubber bands to some people and drives them wacky. Good to know.


“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”– Let me level with you people– I didn’t even realize people had their knickers in a twist over this one up until a couple of years ago. In fact, I may or may not have suggested that my family do a duet of it for our annual Christmas performance at a local nursing home. (<– True story.) If my willingness to sing the song with my NEPHEW isn’t proof that I’m not bothered by it, I don’t know what is. But, anyway, here’s the thing– I understand some of you feel it’s kind of “date rape-y.” And, I don’t know… maybe? But I really don’t think so. ┬áIt seems to be that whole “Say, what’s in this drink?” line that really gets folks riled up. Doesn’t bother me. Maybe that’s because I think I’ve said that exact line at least a dozen times to my best friend’s husband and never– not even once– was he attempting to coerce me into anything. But maybe I’m just naive. Who knows.



Meanwhile, tjhe following songs drive me more than a little bonkers:


“Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”– I just don’t really get who thought this was a good song. I don’t really find it funny. And the guy’s not a good singer, either.


“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”– Now, maybe if you don’t “do” Santa, this doesn’t bug you. But, if you ever DID believe in Santa or if your kids ever have, you’ll see that it’s a horrifying thing to try to process. Knowing that “Santa” and “Daddy” are interchangeable? Well, that changes things. But that song creeped me out something fierce as a child.


Anything by the Chipmunks– I can’t quite convey to you how much I hate the Chipmunks, but I will try. Here a few things I’ve truly done to make it stop: run down two flights of stairs, stop in the middle of kneading dough to hit thumbs down, and beg/bribe/cajole a child to change a station. There is no better word to describe how the Chipmunks make me feel other than STABBY.


Bonus: I also can’t handle the Celine Dion version of “Oh Holy Night” that everyone else loves. Most of it’s fine, but that “noel” there at the end? Man, I haven’t heard as cringy a note since Mariah Carey went all crazy on that “Emotions” song back in 1990 or something.



So there you go! Clearly, I’m a weird one.


If you’re wondering what kind of Christmas music I LOVE, I’ll tell you. I love the old crooners. I love Andy Williams singing “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and Nat King Cole doing “The Christmas Song.” I love Bing Crosby’s version of “White Christmas” and Dean Martin’s “Rudolph.” I am an old, old soul. I also enjoy some Josh Groban and Pentatonix thrown in there, but, 90% of the time, you’ll find me listening to Pandora’s “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Station. It’s a goodie. :)

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1 comment to What’s Your Christmas Soundtrack?

  • Heather

    Hmmm never knew people disliked Felix navidad. I like it fine. The second song…never heard of it. The date rape song I never heard of until one year your readers pointed out the date rape-y ness of it. I think they are a tad too militant and should relax a little. I actually quite like it now. The others don’t really bother me nor do I love them…except we LOVE the Chipmunks!!!!
    I like Christmas albums by Elvis and Kenny Rogers and dolly Parton that my mom plays. And Taylor swift, Bruce Springsteen, transiberian orchestra. Kenny chesney, lady antebellum, etc etc

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