Things I’m Supposed to Love, but Don’t





So this is a silly post topic, but it’s been floating around my brain for quite some time now, so I decided it was about time I set it free!


What follows is a list of different things that I feel like I’m SUPPOSED to love, but I really just… don’t. At all. In fact, in many cases, I don’t like them at all!



Shaving in the tub– I read over and over about how much women love to lounge back in a tub and shave their legs all silky smooth and I have to admit– I just kind of cringe and gag. I can’t shave in the tub. I just can’t do it. First of all, I just find it much easier to get that chore done in the shower, but, also, doesn’t it bother anyone else to sit around in a vat full of stubble? Am I the only who thinks about this? Because, I’ll be honest– I seriously can’t get the idea out of my head and it makes it super hard to enjoy a bath. I do enjoy a nice soak from time-to-time, but I have to be clean and shaven before I get in. Otherwise, I start overthinking all the “stuff” in the water.



Showers! My preference. White wine, optional. :)


Breakfast in bed– I can’t stand breakfast in bed. Seriously. I prefer tables to trays and I loathe the thought of crumbs in my clean, white sheets. If I’m totally honest, though, my real aversion to the whole experience may stem from my control-freak nature about my kitchen. I really don’t like other people cooking in my kitchen. I don’t know why that is, since I’m not particularly type-A about anything else, but there it is. Fortunately, my family is all okay with that quirk of mine and they know that mommy likes coffee, the whole coffee, and nothing but the coffee delivered to her on Mother’s Day. ;)


Massages from anyone but my husband– I read all about how much people love getting massages and I shiver a little bit– and not in a good way. I don’t like strangers’ hands on me. I mean, I can handle a doctor or physical therapist manipulating some part of me if there’s medical need for it, but the thought of letting someone run their hands over my skin while soft music plays? AAAACCCKKKKK!!!! That’s nowhere on my wish list, thanks.


Starbucks-- Will you still like me if I tell you that I don’t really enjoy Starbucks? I mean, I’m sure there’s a thing or two there that’s fine, but, at the end of the day, I just love a good cup of black coffee and that’s not something Starbucks does well. I feel like social media is perpetually full of pics and descriptions of all sorts of Starbucks drinks and I really have nothing to say about that. Pumpkin Spice? Salted Caramel? Don’t really care. Pass me a large, black Dunkin Donuts and I’m a happy camper.


Bacon– And here’s where I lose you all. I KNOW!!!! What kind of freak doesn’t like bacon??? Okay– here’s the deal. I don’t really dislike bacon all that much. I mean, I like little bits of it in my scrambled eggs from time to time. And I absolutely love to save and use my bacon grease. But other than that? I don’t really like it all that much. The truth is that I’ll pull it off a burger or sandwich and give it to someone else in the family– they all love it in ways I just do not.



So there you go. Now you know how truly odd I am. Can we still be friends? And, also, is there anything you feel like you’re suppposed to enjoy, but just don’t?

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9 comments to Things I’m Supposed to Love, but Don’t

  • Yeah, I can’t get the bacon thing. The rest I can forgive. ;) I don’t really do breakfast in bed, either. Maybe because it takes about two hours for my stomach to wake up!

    (PLEASE pass me some of that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. So I can put cream and sugar in it, and probably a coconut flavor shot, too!)

  • Heather

    Shaving in the tub and food in the bed IS grody. I went to a physiotherapist for an actual muscle problem causing “carpal tunnel” style pain and numbness. It was very clinical as opposed to soft music and essential oils…I got over my aversion. Black coffee is nasty–I wouldn’t buy that at Starbucks either. Bacon…well now we know you’re just crazy train. 😉

  • Alba

    Wow, I agree with you on most of the above. I don’t mind if a family member cooks in the kitchen, however, they just forget where they got pots or bowls and put them in other places so that when I go to use it, I can’t find it.

    I don’t care for regular bacon, but I am fond of turkey bacon.

    It’s nice to know there are other like-minded people out there :)

  • Susie

    Wow, I think I agree on all. When I finally refused breakfast in bed one Mother’s Day my youngest son added to my card “Thanks for ruining the tradition!” I don’t have the card in front of me or I’d use his spelling ;-)

  • earleyml

    I agree with you on many of these as well. The tub thing I laughed at because I did it once and thought, “so gross there’s a ton of hair floating around in here!” My thing with bfast in bed is that my husband makes a huge mess when cooking, so I have to end up cleaning up all of that on top of trying not to make a mess in the bed. They love doing it for me, so I let them. However, I like bacon…not crazy in love with it like a lot of people but I love it. Oh, I have one drink at Starbucks that I like but it’s WAY too expensive for my taste. Sheetz coffee, here I come!

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