The Best of 2014



It was another great year around here!


Even though blogging has changed immensely in the six+ years since I started, I still very much love this community. The increased focus on images over writing is hard on me, since I’m more gifted with words than photos, but I keep soldiering on and, blessedly, so many of you put up with me and my old-school ways. :) Thank you!


Commenting has dwindled even more, but it helps to know that engagement on other parts of social media still exists. I thrive on community and conversation and I love to hear your opinions and stories!


Looking up the most visited posts of 2014 wasn’t all that helpful, since some are four years old or even older! So, instead, I dug through the archives to dredge up the posts that got the most feedback and inspired the most conversation from the year.


Here’s what got you all talking and sharing this year!


Best of 2014 (Parenting Miracles)



Most popular snack/appetizer: White Cheddar Cranberry Bites

Best time-saver: Quick Kid-Friendly Suppers

Most-shared dessert: Cinnamon White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Boston Cream Donuts

Top breakfast: Cinnamon Sugar Oven Pancake



Faith and Encouragement:

Scripture Lessons from A.: First Fruits

Most Challenging: The Problem with Crediting Prayer

Best Parenting Reminder: They Need to Help

Favorite Lesson from the Littles: Being Point

Top Post of Social Consciousness: In the Shadows of Our Town


Misc. JL

Geek Fave: What (most) Grammar Geeks Actually Expect

Hard but True Read: Making the Decision to Pass in Arms

The Post that Made Others Sigh With Relief (or think I suck– one of the two): No Shame in Being Real

Top-Read Church Debate Post: Inadvertently Scandalous

Silly but Popular: Deciding What to Call Your In-Laws

Most-Shared on Pinterest: Unexpected Hurts After a Miscarriage



I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings! :)

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