Menu Plan: Ring in the New!



A belated but very Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all had lovely holidays and made lots of special memories together.


As for us, Christmas Eve was spent with my whole family at my sister’s house and we all enjoyed tons of laughter and what I call the “food-and-cousin-coma” that follows. As you all know, Christmas Eve is also C’s birthday, so we had lots of fun celebrating that, too. More on all that stuff to follow, I’m sure. I’m realizing as I type that I have so many fun anecdotes and stories to share from these past days that if I let myself start sharing more here, this post will wind up being 2000+ words!


Anyway, suffice it to say that it’s been fun and busy and joyful around here and, though we’re all fighting some tough colds, it hasn’t kept us down.


There are three things I can hardly believe:

1. that I now have two nine-year-olds (!!!)

2. that it’s almost 2015 (!!!)

3. that I almost have a child whose age is in the double digits (!!!!!)


Gracious. Time flies, doesn’t it?


Anyway, as time marches on, we still have to eat!


So, here’s the meal plan for the week!you gotta eat




B–Cereal, Apples, Milk ( before 7:30AM Mass)


Brunch– Ham, Broccoli, Egg, Cheese & Fried Potato Skillets

D–2 varieties of Chicken Burritos (one with rice, one with beans)



Simple Egg Wrap

B–Egg Wraps, Pancakes, Apples, Juice

D–Chicken & Carrots w/ Noodle Rice Pilaf



B–PB Toast w/ Raisins, Milk

D–out for pizza with my family




B–Cinnamon Roll Bread, Eggs, Apples

D–Buffalo Chicken Bites, Mini Pigs in Blankets, Mini Bagel Pizzas, assorted veggies (snacky/appy supper) before an epic Family Game Night with oodles of snacks (And champagne. You can bet I’ll be enjoying champagne.)



Thursday: (Happy New Year!)

B–Eggs, Cranberry Muffins, Oranges

Buffalo Chicken Chili

D–Buffalo Chicken Chili, Breadsticks




B–Cereal, Bananas, Milk

D–Large Cheese Pizza, Medium Sausage & Onion Pizza




B–Pancakes, Fruit

Creamy Marsala Noodles

D–Creamy Chicken Marsala




And that should do it! 





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