Junk- and Clutter-Free Journal Favor



Got a party in your plans? Don’t give up on favors just because they’re traditionally pricey, junky, or cluttery. This fun, useful favor comes together with a small pricetag and won’t drive the parents of the party-goers nuts. Winning!




I’m aware that some people have strong feelings about party favors.


Unnecessary. Feeding entitlement. Waste of money. Full of junk. Cheap plastic toys. Annoying whistles/horns/noisemakers. Foot killers. Tooth rotters.


Really, party favors can be much-maligned.


I will never try to tell you that party favors are necessary. They are not. You can absolutely throw a fabulous party without sending your little guests home with a gift bag or token.


I find that this is both a matter of personal preference and also regional/social custom. Around here, parties tend to be big to-dos. I’m not saying that I think that’s a great thing, honestly, but it is what it is. People typically rent venues, have huge spreads, and guests most often bring sizable gifts. Again, is this superior to a home party with modest gifts? No. But so be it.


Favors are most certainly the norm around here. I wouldn’t let that fact dictate what I do, but it has given me the opportunity to get a feel for a wide array of different types of favors. Many are the traditional plastic sack full of junky candy and cheapy plastic toys. I’m not a big fan of those. But I also know that favors can be fun, functional, affordable, and free of both junk and clutter.



Journal Favor


There are lots of fun favors that defy the junky norm, but here’s one of my new favorites!


Journal Favors


You will need:


(for 6 favors)


  • 6 assorted hard-cover journals
  • scented pens (mine came in 3-packs)
  • curling ribbon
  • 6-pack snack size M&Ms


(total spent: $10)


Simply tie a ribbon bow snugly around each journal, curling ends. Tuck a pen and a pack of candy under the ribbon. And you’re done!

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