Prematurity Knows No Prejudice

(some information reposted from a piece originally written in 2010) 


Prematurity Awareness




My name is JessieLeigh.

I was raised in a comfortable, upper middle-class home.
I have a college degree.
I am happily married.
I have always been healthy.
I do not use drugs, drink heavily, or participate in “risky” behaviors.
I sought prenatal care at the start of my pregnancies.
My blood pressure, sugar levels, and weight have never wavered.
Prematurity can affect anyone. It has no prejudice. And its consequences can be devastating. I am one of the lucky ones… my little girl’s story is one of great triumph. Still, that came with a world of worry and challenges.

No one knows the reason I went into labor at only 23 weeks gestation. No one could ever find a single cause for C’s prematurity. I was lucky to have a full-term birth prior to that one and even more grateful to have had one since. But my life will forever be changed and touched by the premature baby I brought into the world…



Today I’m joining forces with many others to Fight for Preemies. Won’t you please take just a couple minutes and visit the March of Dimes website? There is a wealth of information there… from what causes premature birth to statistical rates to how your state ranks to how you can help.


Today, November 17, we unite to Fight for Preemies. Won’t you join us?


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4 comments to Prematurity Knows No Prejudice

  • Susie

    Doesn’t the March of Dimes’ reputation as pro-abortion concern you?

    • I have addressed this question many times in the past already, Susie, so you could probably find more details in those responses, but the short answer is this: no. Because I am not asking that people fund or donate to the organization, I am not concerned about recommending them as a resource to learn more about prematurity. Just as I have absolutely been taught countless useful subjects from groups and individuals whose views might not align with my own, I believe unequivocally that there is valuable information to be learned at the MOD website.

      (For those interested, the official March of Dimes stance is the following: “The March of Dimes does not encourage, fund or support abortions, either directly or indirectly. The March of Dimes longstanding position of neutrality on the issue of abortion is reflected throughout the organization’s many programs and as well as in its advocacy work. March of Dimes grantees are prohibited from using March of Dimes funds for abortion research, to pay for abortions, or to give directive advice or counseling concerning abortions, and are required to sign acknowledgment of this policy. We are pleased that people with differing views on abortion can come together to support the March of Dimes mission of ensuring healthier births.”)

      I am NOT here today to debate their stance or actions, however, nor will I allow this post to degenerate into a debate about that. In this case, I am asking only that people become better-educated about prematurity– its causes, whom it affects, and what can help. :)

  • Susie

    Sorry! Feel free to delete the comment, or I will. I just knew you’d have a thoughtful response!

    • Oh, please don’t be sorry, Susie! I didn’t mean to sound so abrupt– I apologize. This is an example of my feeling like I’ve had to be on the defensive for so long that I start to lose tact. Your question was legitimate and I will always encourage people to do their own research before donating to or supporting an organization.

      I am, indeed, pro-life and I actively seek to support both crisis pregnancy centers and legislation that supports women and protects life. I do not, however, refuse to associate with or align myself with every company and organization that holds differing views. In the past, I’ve been criticized heavily for that and, while I am truly very confident in this choice both in my mind and heart, I abhor long, drawn-out debates in comment boxes.

      But I absolutely know that wasn’t your intent! I was mainly just seeking to deter anyone else from “picking a fight.” :)

      Sorry again for coming across so short– I hope I didn’t upset you!

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