25 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me



So, how many of you have read a blog or two since, oh, I don’t know, about 2007 or so? It doesn’t matter if you still read it, but did you ever read blog posts “back in the day”?


Well, a whole lot has changed. Off the top of my head, here are a few things:


  • Everything was MUCH less image driven. There was a time that you could publish a recipe post without a photo and no one would balk. Scouts honor.
  • People would comment. This one is HUGE. Commenting is what drove blogs. People would comment, bloggers would comment back, there was lots of reciprocity going on and, honestly, it was fun and very different from the current scene. This is why, though I have far more readers now than I did in 2008, if you compared the number of comments, you’d never guess it.
  • Chatty, personal posts and tone were pretty normal and typically welcomed. Lists of random facts were common. “Tagging” additional bloggers you wanted to play along was routine. These things are rare now. Maybe for a special birthday or something (e.g. “35 Little Known Things in Honor of Turning 35.”) But you won’t see it very often…


Anyway, though I try hard to move along with the times and, though I’m always lagging a touch behind, I’ve learned to be fairly competent at Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, I’m always up for a little nostalgia, too!


So, going back retro-’08 style, I’m copying my friend Jilly’s format here, and jumping onboard (though I admit I’m just a wee bit hurt I wasn’t actually TAGGED in the post. ;) )


  • Name – Jessica Leigh (or, of course, JessieLeigh)
  • Location – Connecticut
  • Hometown – I lived a BUNCH of places, but I was born just outside of Chicago.
  • Current Occupation – mom, blogger, wanna-be proofreader, catechist, and brand new substitute teacher!
  • Past Occupation – teller manager
  • My style – sundresses & flip-flops in the summer/ leggings, short dresses, & boots in the winter (I’m no fashion guru, for sure!)
  • Typical “Uniform” – Oh, crud. See? I’m dumb about fashion. I answered this one already because I don’t know how to describe style. Oops!
  • Favorite coffee – BLACK. Always. And plenty of it. Rich and dark, but not super strong– black coffee drinkers know that super strong coffee is bitter.
  • Favorite food splurge – fancy cheese and fresh berries
  • Favorite splurge – fun nail polish, junky marshmallow cereal, lunch dates with my husband
  • Favorite music – I have a real weakness for the old crooners– Nat, Dean, Bing, Frank, etc.
  • ALWAYS in my kitchen – tortillas, cheese, pasta, tomatoes, eggs
  • Travel outside of the USA – Hmmm… let’s see. Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Costa Rica, Panama, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Grand Cayman, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Curacao, Honduras, and maybe a couple islands I’m forgetting.
  • Dream vacation – World cruise– take me everywhere, baby!!!
  • Favorite weather – high 70s, wildly sunny. I LOVE THE LIGHT.
  • Pet Peeves – egregious grammatical errors, icy roads, parents who don’t understand drop-off/pick-up lines, perpetuators of “the Mommy Wars”
  • What makes me smile – sunshine, giggling children, singing, old people, witnessing good in the world (and it happens a LOT if you’re looking!)
  • Favorite date – Any kind of food (except Indian– I don’t like Indian food!), followed a long walk hand-in-hand, playing a game, and flirting madly the whole entire time.
  • Cats or Dogs - CATS. I don’t really dislike dogs, but I find them to be WAY too much work.
  • Inspired by – the saints (as in St. Francis, St. Anthony, St. Anne, etc.– not the football team!), special education teachers, the majesty of the ocean, and the wonder of my children
  • Obsessions – cheese, hot marriages, sparkly things, icy bone-dry white wine
  • Quiet or Loud? Probably quiet, but I can enjoy loud, fun gatherings.
  • Morning or Evening? Morning. Oh, heavens, MORNING. I’m useless in the evening for much more than folding laundry while watching a show.
  • Black or White? Black, though my husband ALWAYS compliments me when I wear white, so I should probably try to do that more. ;)
  • Peanuts or Popcorn. Peanuts. And not those honey-roasted things. (Gag.) I like straight-up dry-roasted salted peanuts.

Wanna play? Blog it if you’ve got one, or feel free to tell me a few things about YOU in the comments! :)

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4 comments to 25 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

  • I do miss the “old days” of blogging. I miss the community of it all.

  • I will intermittently go back through some of my 2007-2008 blogging just to check for links and bad pictures. I am constantly amazed just how many comments I had on posts that said nothing interesting at all! I’m tempted to just delete some of my blather. But it does make me nostalgic.

  • Katie

    What a fun post! You are right, blog posts and comments were much more personal back then and I miss that. I keep reading your blog because you keep a chatty & personal tone in your posts :) I suppose I am part of the problem though, I do not comment on blogs near as often as I used to. Life is much busier for me these days now that I have a toddler :) Thanks for the fun “throw back” post!

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