What My Kids Love About My Blogging



My kids love it when packages arrive with “JessieLeigh” and “Parenting Miracles” printed across the label.


Now, part of that is just that they harbor hope that bubble wrap will be therein and they well-understand the simple pleasure of a good bubble popping session. The other part is that they get so darn excited to try new things.


There’s a part of me that thinks, “Really, kids? You have a mama who bakes nearly incessantly and who will make you any variety of cookie, muffin, streudel, or granola bar… and you’re this excited about packaged treats?”


But then I remember being in second grade and opening my lunch box. Inside, every day, my mom lovingly packed home-baked treats. And, while the kids at my table were jealous of my chocolate chip cookies made from scratch, I envied their cellophane-wrapped chocolate peanut butter wafer bars.


So, yes, I get it. And I’m totally fine with it. We all want what we don’t have and, well, it’s fun to try something new!


New Convenience from FIBER One


We recently had the chance to try out some of the newest offerings from Fiber One, available at Target–

  • Fiber One Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  • Fiber One Dark Chocolate Almond Meal Bars
  • Fiber One Streusel Strawberry Bars


I tucked those individually wrapped Chocolate Chunk Cookies in my kids’ lunch boxes and they received rave reviews. My girls, especially, came home super excited about “those huge cookies you put in with our food!”


The Streusel Strawberry Bars wound up being a perfect part of the meals I sent on an early-release day. When my kids get out at 1:00 PM, they have to go to lunch before ten in the morning! They’re not really into sandwiches or pizza at that hour, but the streusel bar alongside an apple and some cheddar made a great mid-morning meal.


And finally, my husband and I both tried out the Dark Chocolate Almond Meal Bars. They were tasty! My husband usually grabs a granola bar for breakfast and he was really impressed with how much more this bar stuck with him. He wasn’t so starving by ten thirty and that was a nice benefit. If I manage to match a sale and coupon on these, I would definitely get them again– it’s not often I get that much feedback from my man! ;)


And so, once again, the package was a hit. My children were flat-out delighted to get to try some new snacks and, let’s be real here– I’m not going to complain about a little bit of convenience in my life.


Have you tried anything new lately? Let us know what it was and if it was any good!



Disclosure:The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.



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