Turning a Bummer into a Fun Surprise




I’ve told you all many times now that my nine-year-old son is a Bengals fan. It’s funny, to be honest, to see my orange and black clad kiddo milling about with his Patriots- and Giants-loving friends. They don’t really understand his loyalty to Cincinnati, but they totally accept it as part of who he is.


Two weeks ago, the Bengals were playing the Patriots– on Patriots turf, which is driving distance from our home. My husband scoured the internet, checking out tickets and, excitedly, showed me the deal he had found. Now, don’t get me wrong– two tickets plus parking weren’t going to be CHEAP, exactly, but, in terms of NFL ticket costs? It was a bargain.

I loved his enthusiasm. I adored the thought of my boy all decked in orange in a sea of Pats fans. But I also knew that that game was the late game and, though I wouldn’t mind letting him stay up late for a special experience, I was quite sure he wouldn’t even be able to stay awake.


I sadly shared that concern with my husband and, though disappointed, he totally agreed. “It’s not that it’d matter if he crashed in the car on the way home but, yeah, I think you’re right– he’d either fall asleep or be so exhausted, he’d probably be miserable.”


So, both disappointed that we couldn’t pull off what would have been an AWESOME surprise, we decided that it just wasn’t the right time.


I have to admit– it bummed me out. Since New England and Cincy are not in the same region, these games don’t come up all the time.


Still, I got over myself and emailed my husband that Saturday morning when he was at work:


So, I was thinking… I know we decided against you and A. going to the game because, well, it’s just too late. But, what if we still make it special? Do you think you could set it up to stream on the TV and we could let him stay up extra late? We could have a fun snack and just relax and watch it. That way, even if he falls asleep, who cares? I know he’d love to be able to see it– you know all his New England buddies are going to be talking about it.


He wrote back a little later– “I think it’s perfect. It’s a great idea. I’ll get it set up to stream.” (<– This is due to our not having cable.)


And so that’s what we did.


He hooked the laptop up to the computer, while I read to the girls. We sent A. to his room to read, just like any other night. I decided on a fun snack that we had never tried before:


Chex Mix Popped #spon


There are people who love sweet snacks. There are people who love salty snacks. And then there are those of us who like the combo best. (Waves hand wildly!) We are the people who adore chocolate covered pretzels. We like peanut brittle made with salted nuts. Some of us even like bacon and chocolate together. Sweet and salty bliss!


Chex Mix Popped combines those two beloved flavors in a fun, convenient way. Sweet crunchy popcorn joins salty Chex Mix pieces and the result? Is addictively munchable. Perfect for a late night football game snack!


We may not have been able to stun A. with the amazing experience of actually going to the game– but we still managed to surprise him with a heck of a fun night.


I’m calling it a win.


(Even though the Bengals lost. ;) )



Disclosure:The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.
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