One… Two… Ba ha ha ha!!!



There are people who love Elmo. There are people who love Big Bird. There are people who love Cookie Monster. And there are people who love Ernie.


Me? I loved the Count.


In fact, I loved the Count so much that, on my nineteenth birthday, my mom ordered a (DELICIOUS) cake for me from a local bakery in the shape of the Count that read “Count ‘em, Jessica– 19!” True story. I’ll always remember that cake. (Thanks, Mom!)

Anywho, it could just be that I’ve always loved “Count” things, but let me just tell you– Count Chocula? Is one of the great pleasures in my life.


While some people love to snack on chips and some prefer candy… while some gorge on cake and others want ice cream… I’m the one saying, “Pass the cereal box!” I absolutely adore munching on a tasty cereal. With or without milk, I am a happy camper if you give me those crunchy sweet melty marshmallows.


And so, when General Mills, through Platefull Coop, offered to provide me with information and a prize pack full of Big G Retro Monsters Cereal, well, I had only one thing to say on Facebook:


“I was just asked to blog about Count Chocula. My life is complete.”


Overstatement? Only slightly.


I arrived home from my son’s soccer game one Saturday afternoon to find a package full of this:


Big G Retro Monster Cereals




In reality, I don’t really like chewy fruity things (we’ve talked about this before, right?) but I’m the only one of the five of us who doesn’t, so it was easy enough to find takers for those fruit roll-ups. My kids? Were delighted. They especially love finding one tucked in a lunch box for a special treat.


I went right to work on those Count Chocula Treat Bars and here’s what I will tell you– they are aptly named! They ARE treats. These are not granola bars or protein bars or meal replacement bars– these are treats. And, as such, they are darn tasty. Really sweet, to be honest, so I liked mine with a cup of black coffee or a small glass of milk, but very tasty. (Each has 100 calories, which may or may not matter to you, but I will say it’s probably better for me than eating freely from the box of cereal! ;) )


But, for better or worse, the cereal was, by far, my fave. I don’t mind admitting to you all that I greatly looked forward to curling up on the couch in the evenings with a box of delicious monster cereal.


Big G Monster cereals typically only come “out of the vault” once a year, just before Halloween. I look forward to it every year! The cool retro style boxes pictured above are only available at Target, so get yours while you can!


And tell me this– what is YOUR “curl up on the sofa and munch” snack of choice? (Guilty pleasures welcome!)


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