Menu Plan: Oh, the beauty!





The first half of October is spectacular here.


to the right

I know people have lots of hometown pride and like to argue about why their neck of the woods reigns supreme. Having lived a lot of different places all over this country, I’m one of the first to admit that there are amazing and wonderful things about each and every one of them.


But… people? I’d pit Connecticut autumns against ANY PLACE. It’s the combination of: 1) abundant trees, 2) hills and mountains, and 3) vast VARIETY of trees that combines to make it stunning around here.

top driveway

Now, don’t get me wrong. We pay for it. The raking is ugly. The barren November trees aren’t so gorgeous. Our winters, while often pretty, are also cold and trecherous. So, you know– I’m not saying this place is perfect.



But, right about now? It’s pretty darn close. So let’s enjoy it! :)

back porch



In the meantime, here’s the meal plan for the week!


you gotta eat





B–Cereal, Apples, Milk ( before 7:30AM Mass)

Brunch–Homemade Boston Cream Donuts, Eggs w/ Cheese, Oranges

D–Sunday Supper at Bama & Papa’s




B–Chocolate Chip Waffles, Apples, Milk

D–Slow-Cooker Sesame Chicken



B–Egg Wraps, Apples

D–Pigs in Blankets, Salad, Pickles




B–Cereal, Apples, Milk

D–Spaghetti, Cheese Bread, Broccoli




B–PB Raisin Toast, Milk

D–Spanish Rice w/ Chicken and Corn




B–Cereal, Apples, Milk

D–Lg. Cheese Pizza, Med. Olive Pizza





B–Ham & Cheese Skillets over Fried Potatoes

D–Something on the grill! (Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chicken… we’ll see!)




And that should do it!



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