Dear Halloween Enthusiasts




Dear Halloween Enthusiasts,


Thank you.


That’s all I want to say today.


You play a huge part in making this day magical for my kids.


Me? I’m not very into this particular holiday. I don’t like being scared– at ALL– and I startle so easily that even people coming to my door has me on edge all night. It’s not a very fun day for me.


We carve pumpkins. Put together costumes. Walk our little neighborhood together. I put a big bowl of candy on the front porch and our light is one of the first to go on, showing we are “open for business.” But, really, we don’t do anything too involved or ultra festive.


But some of you do.


Some of you decorate your lawns, line up rows upon rows of pumpkins, or concoct entire landscapes for the season.


Some of you dress up yourselves and my children giggle when a 5’8″ Raggedy Ann answers the door.


Some of you come up with awesome crafts to share with classrooms and it’s just oh-so-much fun.


This? It’s not my forte. I don’t feel very enthusiastic about the holiday and, frankly, REAL fervor is hard to feign.


Luckily for me there are a lot of you out there picking up my slack– there are many people who LOVE Halloween and who look forward to going all-in when this time of year rolls around.


So thank you. Truly.


This Halloween Scrooge is grateful to have you.


You make this day even more special and we appreciate all you do.




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1 comment to Dear Halloween Enthusiasts

  • Heather

    We had one neighbor…wife was Holly hobby in a rocking chair on the porch. Husband jumped out of the bushes with a hatchet screaming. Heart Attack!! You’d have probably dropped dead on their lawn. It was awesome!!!

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