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Yesterday morning, I headed to TJMaxx to find some tall socks for my boy. (We talked about this yesterday on Facebook, if you missed it.) I found some, just so you know, and they were about a third of the regular price so, if you have a boy sporting this trend, you should check it out.


Anyhow, while I was there, I headed over into the housewares section to see if they had any yummy flavored coffee in stock. Believe it or not, that store can be a goldmine for flavored gourmet coffee, but it’s hit or miss. Yesterday was a miss, but some pretty towels caught my eye. I ended up buying new hand towels for both bathrooms and new rugs for our main bath.


I was particularly excited about the hand towel I found for our master bath. Here’s why:




Nice, right?


So, as the day went on, my people gradually flowed through the door.


I heard A. holler through the door, “Hey, Mom! Am I allowed to dry my hands on this thing?”


“Yep! Go ahead,” I answered.




That was that.


My husband went to see what I had bought for our master bath.


“Purple and white. Alright.” he said.


Purple and white? PURPLE AND WHITE? That towel is NOT just “purple and white”!!!! Sigh.


My girls walked in. C. set her backpack down in the hall and, out of the corner of her eye, spied the new rugs.


“Mommy! Where did these COME from? They’re so soft!! And they match the tile! G, come look at this!”


G, popped into the bathroom with her sister.


“Ooooh, Mommy, this towel is BEAUTIFUL. The colors are so pretty. Did you get one like it for your room, too?”


I showed them the one in our bathroom.


“Ohhhh,” they gushed in appreciation, “it matches your colors perfectly.”


And here’s what I have to say about all this–



Thank God for daughters.

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