Menu Plan: Gratefully Accepting Some Convenience



Let’s chat just a bit about things we can do ourselves to save a little cash.


Because our food budget is in no way unlimited, I have taken to doing a lot of things myself in order to save some money. I’ve opted to put in some effort and sacrifice some convenience in order to keep our finances in better shape. Here are some things I’ve done:

  • I’ve sliced and packaged my own cheese, rather than buy individual snack packs or string cheese.
  • I’ve portioned out applesauce.
  • I’ve packaged up small containers of raisins.
  • I’ve made my own lunchbox-ready apple slices.
  • I’ve portioned up individual servings of yogurt from a large tub.
  • I’ve baked, prepped, sliced, diced, and packaged all manner of things, to forego paying a high price for convenience.

And you know what? Those are great things to do. I do many of them every single week. I highly recommend (literally) thinking outside the box if you want to keep a little  more green in your wallet.


But here’s where I get real with you all. 


As I type, you will find the following in my kitchen: individual snack packs of colby jack cheese, some organic fruit snack thingamajigs, individual packages of salted almonds, and little cups of yogurt.


And you know what?


I am so very grateful for them all!!!


In these busy days of tons of activities and three children coming and going here, there, and everywhere, I’m not ashamed to say that I appreciate a little convenience now and again. The cheese, almonds, and fruit snacks were all ALDI snacks I found marked down, so I can’t even bring myself to feel particularly guilty about it (not that I think you should feel guilty for giving yourself a break now and again, anyway.)


But let’s talk about the yogurt cups for a second.


Yoplait Kids Yogurt


Can I be honest with you? While I definitely buy yogurt in individual servings when I score a deal, I’ve always tended to avoid the “kids’ yogurt.” Let me tell you why.


The first time A. was ever offered a cup of “kids’ yogurt”, it was in his three-year-old preschool class. The kind he was given was vivid blue and green and he recoiled in disgust– he didn’t recognize it as food. Maybe that sounds silly, especially since we are not a household that avoids all food dyes, but the yogurt just pushed him over the edge. It also forced me to ask myself– why the heck do they need to dye this stuff BLUE?


So I just didn’t buy it.


But when I was offered the chance to let my kids try out the new Yoplait kids multi-packs, featuring Hello Kitty, Minions, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I thought it sounded fun. And I was absolutely thrilled to learn that these “kids’ yogurts” contain no HFCS and are made with natural flavors and colors. Well, hooray for that!


Long story short? The kids loved them. I felt better about them. And I’m definitely appreciating just a bit more convenience in lunch-packing. ;)


So, now you know some of the quick cheats I’m relying on to get us through the busiest of days– those individual packs come in mighty handy when I’m tossing in extra snacks for before cross-country, after gymnastics, or eating breakfast en route to chorus!


If I haven’t already worn you out with all that info, here’s the meal plan for the week!


you gotta eat





B–Cheerios, Apples, Milk ( before 7:30AM Mass)

Brunch–Breakfast Skillets (potatoes, sausage, egg, & cheese)

D–Sunday Supper at Bama & Papa’s



B–PBJ Toast, Bananas, Milk

D–Spanish Rice w/ Chicken & Peppers



B–Cereal, Oranges, Milk

D–Carnitas Soft Tacos, Salad




B–Egg Sandwiches, Oranges

D–Farfalle, Black Bean & Corn Salad





B–PB Raisin Toast, Juice

D–Penne Alfredo w/ Chicken & Mushrooms (Happy Birthday to my hubby!)




B–Cereal, Oranges, Milk

D–Lg. Chicken & Broccoli Pizza, Med. Cheese Pizza




B–Breakfast Skillets w/ Broccoli  & Cheese (more my style than the sausage variety ;) )

D–Hot & Sour Peanut Noodles w/ Pork & Carrots




And that should do it!



Disclosure: The information and yogurt have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.
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2 comments to Menu Plan: Gratefully Accepting Some Convenience

  • Jennie

    I’m working towards eating out less and at home more. I figure if healthy-ish convenience foods help that cause, more power to me! I’m not super-woman. I can’t do it all and I’m tired of trying!

  • When I buy kids’ yogurts, those are the ones I get! Because at least they are dye-free and HFCS-free, and not huge portions (the big Greek yogurt ones often go half-uneaten). I hope Yoplait is just phasing out the Mickey ones for another character. My Bi-Lo guy told me they were discontinuing them at our store (and then gave me the one package left for 50 cents off – woot!). But it would be annoying to not have them as an option!

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