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(If I know nothing else, I know my children eat a ton. As a result? It’s rare I turn down opportunities involving food. The following post is sponsored by Hillshire Farm, but all opinions are our own!)



Remember how we talked about convenience not all that long ago? I told you all that, while I truly do enjoy doing any number of things by hand and from scratch, I’m also not above accepting a little help in the convenience department.


One area where this is abundantly evident is in my sandwich making. I may bake my bread and make my jam, but I buy my peanut butter and my lunchmeat. Yes, yes, I’ve tried that whole “buy a turkey breast, roast it, and slice it yourself” routine, and you know what? I wound up frustrated and the sandwich didn’t taste as good to me, anyway. My family wasn’t exactly jumping up and down either. So, guess what? That method went by the wayside. I went back to purchasing lunchmeat.


Hillshire Farm Ham


The thing about buying lunchmeat, though, is that I always had this nagging voice in the back of my head. (I don’t know whose voice it was– it wasn’t my mother or my husband, so I’m not sure why I cared so much, but there it was.) Anyway, I would fret over ingredient lists, worrying about artificial ingredients, preservatives, added nitrates/nitrates, and artificial colors. What is up with dyeing all the food, anyway? I digress…

Buying lunchmeat made our tastebuds happy and made my life convenient, but I had to contend with that nagging little voice. And I don’t know about you, but that takes some of the joy out of my life.


So, when I found about Hillshire Farm Naturals™ and was given the chance to try them, I was pretty excited. Free from all that aforementioned yucky stuff, these products aim to rely on farm-inspired craftsmanship to take natural goodness to a new level– just in time for all those lunches we’re packing now that the kids are back in school!


Hillshire Farms at Walmart


Available in the packaged deli meats section of Walmart and grocery stores nationwide, the line features four varieties, including: Slow Roasted Turkey Breast, Hardwood Smoked Turkey Breast, Honey Roasted Ham, and Black Forest Ham.


Hillshire Farm Naturals black forest HAM


Though ham is my go-to lunchmeat, I had a really hard time picking out just one to try! In the end, we decided to give the Black Forest Ham a go. And you know what? Paired with some swiss cheese and grainy mustard, it was delicious. The best way I can think to describe it is that it combines the best of both worlds– the thin-sliced, resealable-packaged convenience of purchased lunchmeat, with the fresh, natural taste of slow-roasted meat.


Plus? That voice in my head shut up. So that was good. :)


Tell me– have you tried Hillshire Farm Naturals™ yet? What’s your preferred type of lunchmeat? Oh, and do you also have a crazy voice in your head that gives you grief from time-to-time?


Give me the scoop!





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2 comments to Easy. Tasty. Guilt-free.

  • Heather

    I get the Hormel version. I can not honestly not taste the difference but I feel better not buying the ones with nasty additives. Roasting and slicing your own is leftover holiday dinner on a sandwich. Not the same as deli lunch meat for sure!! I can’t cut it thin enough.

  • Sonja

    I will have to try them. I do so miss lunch meat. Yes, I have that nagging voice in my head too. I can quiet it down around birthdays, but then it raises it’s voice even louder :/

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