Age-Related Problems




I was driving to the store the other day and I happened to look down at my hand.


I was appalled.


So appalled, in fact, that I took a picture.


age spots


When did I get so old? When did I get those ugly brownish spots on m/y previously pretty hands? Why didn’t anyone tell me that 38 was going to be the year when, all of  a sudden, age would creep up on me and make me look like an old lady?


I was crushed.


Honestly, while I’m not opposed to aging, I’ve been told I have lovely hands for my whole entire life and the thought that they were now covered with age spots made me sad.


I lifted one closer to my face to examine the blasted marks.


And smelled peanut butter.


I sniffed again. Licked. And looked down.


clean hand


Apparently, my friends, my hands are not the age-related problem I should be worried about.


It seems it’s my memory that’s failing me as I had somehow forgotten that about the peanut butter bars I had baked not an hour beforehand hand.


Ah, getting older…


it’s a …


Well, you know.

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