5 Purse Staples that Make You a Hero




I? Am a purse minimalist. I have never been the kind of girl to schlep a giant shoulder-bag around. During the season of babies, I did carry a diaper bag, but even that was very, very pared down. Now that my youngest is five and I don’t need to carry much for the little set, I am back to my little pocketbooks and that suits me just fine.


Although you won’t find me carrying around the kitchen sink, I still manage to “save the day” a shocking number of times, it seems. Rest assured, there’s nothing at all amazing about me and I don’t have anything fancy in my bag. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to pick out the five little items I always carry that seem to come in super handy in all manner of situations.


5 Purse Staples the make you a Hero


Want to be a “hero on-the-go”? Here are five purse staples that will help save the day, for you or someone around you:



  1. A safety pin. Oh, the wondrous safety pin. These little saviors are tiny and easy to carry around– I keep a couple right on my keychain, actually. They’re cheap, simple to operate, and take up no space. But talk to someone who’s has a sudden wardrobe malfunction and they’ll tell you that a safety pin can be your best friend. I truly can’t count how many people have been so, so grateful when I had a safety pin to give.
  2. A tissue. I know, I know– everyone has tissues, right? Wrong. For whatever reason, many people will NOT have a tissue and, well, it’s highly unpleasant to need a tissue and not have one. Be the person who packs a few– your offer of a tissue is a simple act of kindness.
  3. Nail clippers. Have you ever cracked or broken a nail and then it snagged on everything in sight? Maybe you try to nibble it smooth. You might scrape it along a brick wall or some denim in an attempt to get rid of rough edges. These methods aren’t that effective. Nail clippers are small and perfect for the job, of course. They’re also awesome for snipping loose threads or cutting off tags. Trust me– nail clippers earn their real estate!
  4. A bandaid. You just never know when someone might need a bandaid. Tuck a few in your purse or wallet and you’re ready to help, should the need arise. It will. Trust me.
  5. Peppermint hard candy. Peppermint is awesome. It freshens breath. It soothes a queasy tummy. It comforts a dry, sore, scratchy throat. The smell is uplifting and can even help ease a stress headache. I have comforted many a fretful gradeschooler with a simple starlight peppermint.


Now go pack up that pocketbook and be a hero for someone! :)

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