So This Happened Today…







… and I won’t lie to you all.


I cried.


You should know that I cry a lot, though. I mean, I usually cry when they go back. I’m just not one of those, “Oh, HOORAY, it’s back to school!!!” sorts of moms. And that’s okay. I can’t change how I’m wired, even if I do find some of those videos you all share hysterical. I’m just not that lady dancing through Target because I’m finally without kids. Instead, I’m the lady whose red eyes were spotted by one of the regular cashiers at ALDI who gently asked me, “Did my little buddy start school?” and I cried anew, probably making this poor 20-something year old guy sorry he asked.


Anyway, despite my sniffles, I am forced to admit:


They were all READY for school today.


A. is heading off to the intermediate school and, I have to admit, the more I learn about it? The cooler I think this school is. They have a cross country club, a stellar band, a before-school chorus, an outdoor classroom, amazing technology, a trout-raising program that is phenomenal, and so much more. Arguably the most exciting thing to the fourth graders is that they have LOCKERS! :) (This is because the intermediate school used to be a high school– MY high school, as a matter of fact.)


C’s teacher is wonderful. She is a perfect fit for our precious middle child. On top of that, I am totally delighted with the class make-up and was thrilled to see her classmates’ names. This year, she’ll get to join chorus and learn to play recorder. She’ll continue to work with the same special ed teacher and that’s just all kinds of wonderful since she’s fantastic. I foresee a great last year in primary school for C.


And, finally, little G? Well, she’s all set. She is emotionally, academically, and socially ready for kindergarten. “I’ll MISS you, Mama, but you’ll have fun at home– I know you will!” she reassured me, as she boarded the bus. I will miss that little sparkler more than I can say, but I am so very, very happy for her. She is ready. Totally ready. And I literally jumped up and down when I saw her teacher assignment. This kindergarten teacher is calm, nurturing, and structured. She doesn’t buck the system in a rebellious way, but she continues to teach kindergarten the way she knows is best for the children– and that means lots of play, lots of exploration, lots of nurturing, and lots of encouragement. There is a time for first grade– and this isn’t it.


In short? They’re more ready than I am. But that’s okay. We’re ALL going to be okay.


p.s. They’re still little. Anyone who thinks a kindergartener isn’t still little is flat crazy. Even my fourth grader still needs him mama plenty. And I’m not rushing things. :)

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9 comments to So This Happened Today…

  • earleyml

    My oldest baby set off on the school bus for kindergarten today. There were tear shed but I held out until she was on the bus! She’s just like your little G in that she’s more than ready and I know she’ll do great. She’s been in daycare since 8 weeks but watching her get on that bus was so much harder than the first day dropping her off at daycare. The bus is huge! Mom and dad are not responsible for getting her to her room, she is. We won’t be talking to her teacher everyday, we’ll only hear from her how things went. I’m doing well but can not wait for 4:00 to get here!

    • I bet she’ll have so many great stories for you, Michelle!! :) My little troop is home already, because they got out at 1 PM today. Tomorrow is going to seem much longer, but I’m sure it’ll be great, too. (p.s. The busses DO look huge. What ages are on yours?)

      • earleyml

        Elementary is K-5th. I can’t wait to hear all of her stories. She loves learning, so we were very excited for her. Plus tonight she gets to go back to her daycare for little sisters Open House, she’ll be able to see her teachers again. :)

  • Marcia

    I can totally understand your angst. Our big little girl is a second grader this year! At six, even though she would tower over the other children her age, she’s very small when you compare her to the seven and eight year olds in her class. I was reserved when it came to the teacher selection this year, but I have gotten a few notes of encouragement from her teacher already that she’s doing better than okay – she’s thriving there. She was so ready to get back to “normal” – she missed her friends from school so much, and didn’t think she got to see them enough over the summer – even playing CYC softball with them! She’s a kiddo who thrives on routine, and summer’s a bit too loosely scheduled to make her happy. Me? Well, I prefer spontaneity and improvising. She was glad to go back, even if I wasn’t ready for her to.

    • I’m so glad it’s proving to be a good year for your daughter, Marcia! I always breathe a sigh of relief a week or two in when everything starts settling in. :)

    • Celine

      I have a 6 yr old 2nd grader and while she seems much more grown up and mature with her peers when she gets in her mixed grade classroom (1st, 2nd & 3rd) she seems so much younger then those 8 & 9 yr olds.

  • The young cashier 1) knew what was up, and 2) asked about his “little buddy.” That makes my day!

    • That cashier is awesome. He’s ex-military and there are a few demons there– you can see it in his eyes. But he is the most well-mannered, competent, and considerate young man you could ever hope to meet. He and G. are good buds! :)

  • Courtney

    “you’ll have fun at home”- that CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!!! SO funny. :)

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