Lessons in Friendship from a Nine-Year-Old




Yesterday, I received a teary phone call from the mom of one of A’s classmates. 


“Is everything okay?” I asked, concerned.


“Do you know what A. wrote in E’s card?” she asked back.


My mind raced. No, no I did not know. Because, honestly? I’m to the point where I say things like, “You need to make a card for your friend and attach it to the gift.” And then I consider my job done.


“Um, no…” I replied. I heard her breatch catch on a little sob. “Um, is something wrong? Did he…?” I trailed off.


“Oh, no. Everything’s okay. I’m going to email you. I can’t even read what he wrote over the phone.” She hung up.


* * * * *


Vitamin C+


And, so, I waited for the email to arrive. It felt like forever, but it was probably less than five minutes. I opened it, and read…


“Nine Reasons You’re Awesome For Your Ninth Birthday


1. You’re tall, like me.

2. You’re good at soccer.

3. You’re good at, and like, math.

4. You go to the same church as me!

5. You’re smart, but you don’t make others feel bad if they don’t know the stuff you know.

6. You like different sports and games from me, but you’re good at compromising.

7. You like to talk, but you’re also good at listening.

8. You never, ever forget me.

9. You know the second four things up there are way more important than the first four and that’s what makes you such a great friend.”



I may have cried a little bit, too.

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