I love these mixes. Yep, I said it. #spon



I bake a lot. A whole heck of a lot. I love it and, if I’m honest with you, I’ll tell you that my family has come to pretty much expect it. We have a lot of baked goods around here.


I’m a “scratch baker” for a multitude of reasons. I’m a capable baker who typically has all necessary ingredients on hand. That’s one reason. I’m also kind of a “wildcat” in the kitchen who rarely looks at a recipe. Finally, I question some of the things that get added into some mixes. I get some of the chemistry and I understand food preservatives, components added to improve texture, and, well, the bottom line– the cost to produce.


And, so, ordinarily, it’s the ingredient list that would have to be put into my “compromise” category if I’m telling you about some baking mixes. But, amazingly, the very first thing I want to talk to you all about with regards to Immaculate Baking Company is… ingredients.

Immaculate Baking Ingredients

(Clockwise from top right: yellow cake, gluten-free chocolate cookies, brownies)


I’m going to start by asking you to check out the bottom left square up there. Those are the ingredients in the brownies. They are: sugar, wheat flour, semisweet chocolate chips, cocoa power, corn starch, salt, and natural vanilla flavor. The directions then call for the addition of butter and egg.


With the exception of the corn starch, this is exactly what I put into my own homemade brownies. I’m not going to lie– I’m not positive why the corn starch is in there (I’m guessing texture), but with Immaculate Baking Co.’s GMO-free guarantee, I’m not losing any sleep over it. And you know what? Not surprisingly, the brownies were fantastic. They were actually a touch thicker than my usual homemade recipe, but no one was complaining about that!


In this new line of dry mixes, which joins a refrigerated line, Immaculate Baking Co. is continuing its commitment to using only wholesome, simple, delicious ingredients, and offering baking options including all natural, organic and gluten free! Immaculate Baking’s eight new dry baking mix items have 0g trans fat, and does not contain artificial preservatives or high fructose corn syrup.


So let’s go ahead and take a look at the whole cake process, ‘k?

Let's Bake a Cake


Truthfully? This cake tastes identical to a “from-scratch” cake. Let’s look at the cake itself a wee bit closer, shall we?


baked cake


It was good. The chocolate frosting took it over the top. (That’s why I shared that recipe recently, friends!)


And so, like I wrote right in the title– I love these mixes. I love that they contain ingredients we can both trust and pronounce. I love the commitments of the company. I love that these are a great option for those who don’t bake all the time and maybe don’t want to keep all those ingredients stocked in their cupboards or pantries. And, at the end of the day, I love that my whole family loved the taste.


Want to try them yourself? (You do. We can all use a little convenience now and again. ;) ) –>



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Do you ever use mixes when you bake? What do you look for when choosing one?

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