How to “Fix” Your Body in 20 Seconds



I spent half of yesterday feeling uncomfortable. 


I felt bloated. Or chubby. Or lumpy. Or SOMETHING.


I couldn’t get myself to look right. I couldn’t make myself comfortable.



JLbelly (1)


I tugged at the hem of my top, trying to get it down further.


I adjusted the elastic at the back of my undies, paranoid that it was going to stick out the top of my (not low-cut) black capris.


I fixed a strap, fiddled with a belt, and tugged some more.


I sat up straight, pulled my shoulders back, realigned a front hem.


I sucked it in, smoothed my pants, and tried to convince myself that, really, it was okay.


And, then, finally, I did the one thing I should have done at the start–


I changed my clothes.


I put on a different top with a different cut.


All of a sudden, I didn’t fidget.


I didn’t fret.


I didn’t tug and pull and readjust and realign and judge myself.


My comfort level went way up and I refound my confidence. I could focus on watching my kids swim and talking to other adults, without being preoccupied with shifting hemlines or pesky underthings.


I looked better because I felt better.


So, before you berate yourself for not being cut right to fit into that cute knit top, please consider if perhaps that knit top just isn’t cut right to fit your cute frame.


And simply change your clothes.

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