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It’s been awhile since I shared my grocery shopping! I did another “medium” shop this week, so I thought we’d take a look at that together. Sound like a plan? Here we go!



So, the first place I shopped this week was our tiny local market. You know, the kind of place where there’s one cashier, local produce, and every other person you run into is someone from church? Yep, that place. Along with all those nifty features, there are also crazy high prices. For this reason, I don’t shop there a lot. However, from time to time, I catch the good sales and sometimes match some coupons and it winds up being a smart place to shop.


Here’s what I got:



.86# green peppers

1.85# broccoli crowns

1.05# Virginia deli ham

2 boxes granola bars

2 8-packs Honest Kids organic juice pouches

8# white sugar


Total: $15.47



Everything else I picked up this week came from ALDI. I was kicking myself for forgetting to grab unbleached flour at the market, because that is one item I regularly lament being unable to find at my beloved ALDI. Alas, I snagged the regular bleached variety to get us through, but it’s definitely not my preference.


Here’s the rundown!




  • 3 dozen eggs
  • 2 gallons milk (<– this has gone up 70 cents a gallon over the last month… yikes!)
  • 64 oz. OJ (<– can we talk about why orange juice is always in the dairy case??)
  • 8 oz. sliced colby jack (<– buying pre-sliced real cheese helps me resist buying those super easy-to-use, but bad-for-you processed slices ;) )
  • 8 oz. jalapeno yogurt cheese
  • spreadable herbed cheese wedges
  • 8 oz. sharp cheddar
  • 1 quart vanilla yogurt




  • 2# popcorn
  • 2 loaves bread
  • 5# flour
  • 1 10-pk soft taco size tortillas (<– I use these for burritos. Easier for the kids.)
  • 1# organic linguine




  • 2.5# bananas
  • 1 bag frozen broccoli florets (<– I use these in my eggs nearly every day.)
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 2# grapes
  • 2 packages organic baby spinach
  • 1 package organic baby kale






  • 3 jars natural peanut butter (<– still sweetened, just a slightly better ingredient list)
  • 2# dry great Northern beans
  • 2 cans great Northern beans (because soaking/cooking takes awhile– ha!)
  • 8 oz. imitation crab meat
  • 3# frozen chicken breasts
  • box of individual almond packs (<– these are convenient and, well, they were clearanced!)




  • ibuprofen
  • salt
  • seltzer
  • ranch dressing
  • French dressing
  • 4-cheese vinaigrette
  • sandwich bags
  • laundry detergent
  • 3 bags of chips (<– of course!!! There’s a reason I’m happily married! ;) )


Total spent at ALDI: $72.27



So that’s where we’re at. I’m in very good shape to feed us through this week and I’m stashing some things aside for when school starts at the end of this month. I want G’s first lunch away from me (at kindergarten) to be a fun one! :)

How’s grocery shopping been going for you? Any price increases cramping your style?


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9 comments to A Little August Shopping with JL

  • Wait! Your Aldi has popcorn?! Where is it at? I’ve looked several times at ours and have yet to find it. I know I’m going to run out before I place my Azure Standard order again.

    • Our ALDI is hit or miss on the popcorn, Deanna– they tell me it’s a “seasonal item”, but I’ve yet to be able to figure out which “season” they carry it. :) It’s also random where they put it– it’s NEVER with the microwave stuff they always carry, which seems odd. This time, I found it in a middle aisle by some chips and granola bars. A couple weeks ago, it was up in the front by the registers. I know that’s not very helpful– sorry! Probably better to just ask. :)

  • earleyml

    I would love a post on healthy packed lunch ideas for kids. This is my first year of a kid in school and could use all the help I can get. :)

  • Krista

    I love that you posted your little cheats that work just for you. I don’t buy pre sliced cheese because it is more expensive than the loaf and I don’t mind slicing the cheese myself, but for your family, this is the smarter healthier choice! This is the same reason I buy ice cream, or dessert fixings. My hubby tends to have a sweet tooth and keeping desserts around keeps us from the inevitable 8pm run to pick up a pie or goodies at full price! I will say, I missed the word cheese when I read about the jalapeno yogurt. I saw those words and saw the tub of yogurt and couldn’t imagine eating such a thing! :-) On a second read, it made much more sense.

    • Ooh, jalapeno yogurt does not sound appealing at ALL! :) Yeah, I’m kind of lazy with the cheese sometimes. ALDI doesn’t sell larger blocks of cheese and the little slices annoy me on sandwiches. It’s either 10 or 20 cents more expensive to buy it sliced, so I go with that. ;) (I know I sound like I’m rationalizing and justifying– I don’t really mean to! It’s totally a cheat and I fully acknowledge my laziness about it. Ha!)

  • Katherine

    I love Aldi too! Milk, meat, and cheeses are what seem to be going up every month in our area. We live in North Carolina.

  • Katherine

    So true, we just have to skimp on some other stuff so we can still get the good stuff! Aldi seriously helps so much.

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