Menu Plan: Back to reality.



So, vacation was amazing. Truly. I may or may not be guilty of already perusing the available weeks for next year. *blush* I can’t help it! It was just such a great getaway.



This week, however, it’s back to reality, and that means I need to follow a fairly regular menu plan. This is easier said than done with my husband still home for another week, though. He doesn’t always understand that our schedule doesn’t change just because he took off. ;)




you gotta eat

Here’s what we’ve been eating and will be eating through the week–




B– Cereal, Water, & Juice Boxes in the car– we were already on our way home from North Carolina.

L–Taco Bell (on the road)

D–Should have been Penne Marinara & Green Beans, but we didn’t make it home in time. We had to settle for Burger King at almost 10PM. It was not fun. But, well, it got the job done, I guess.



B– PB Toast, Mixed Fruit, Milk

D–Penne Marinara & Green Beans (which, for the record, was way better than BK’s spicky chicken sandwich)



B–Eggs, Toast, Apples, Milk


D–Carnitas over Spanish Rice




B–Cheerios, Blueberries, Milk

D–Cheesy Beans & Rice (date night)



B–Egg Wraps, Oranges

D–Large Ham Pizza and Medium Cheese Pizza



B–Egg Sandwiches on English Muffins, Cherries

D–Cookout (burgers, dogs, beans, corn, pickles, salad, etc.)




B–Cinnamon Roll Bread, Eggs w/ Broccoli

D–Beef Soft Tacos, Salad



And, that’ll do it! What will you be enjoying this week?

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