Let Freedom Ring



We have so very many freedoms in this country.


Many, we take for granted… like the freedom to worship how we choose, for example.


Others, I believe we sometimes misinterpret… like the second amendment, quite frankly.


Still, there is no doubt that we are permitted so very many liberties compared to millions of others in this world. We can believe and think and speak freely. We can buck the system or go against the grain and that’s okay. We can have strong, strong opinions and voice such and doing so will not likely result in any severe ramifications.




As a child, I definitely took all of this for granted. I mean, how could I know differently?


As I grew, I was rather fascinated with all the freedoms we have. College was an eye-opener for me as wide, varying viewpoints spilled forth and vocal, determined people shared them with the world.


It’s been over fifteen years since I was in college, now.


I’ve had a lot of time to learn to appreciate the freedoms we have. I’ve pondered what it meant for our forefathers to risk it all so that we could have true liberty.


And I’ve also learned to appreciate a freedom that is far too easy to forget–


We are free to love.


In the midst of fighting for and over our gun rights and our faith and our parenting style and our school choice and our healthcare stance and the state of marriage and all the rest, we are free to simply step back and LOVE.


We don’t actually need to fight and yell and scoff and demand. We don’t need to judge and worry and fret over what others are doing. We don’t HAVE to decide what’s best or perfect or ideal for everyone around us.


And– and this is huge– we don’t have to hate or reject those whose views contradict or oppose our own.


We can love. And learn. Laugh. And love some more.


To me, there may be no greater freedom than that.


Happy Independence Day, sweet friends. Let freedom ring.

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