Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit



So, let’s talk about baked beans, shall we?


One week ago today was the 4th of July and I’m willing to bet that many of us served baked beans as part of the line-up.




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What I’d like to know is this:



When I say “BAKED BEANS”, what comes to your mind?


1. Beans simmered in a sweet, typically molasses-based sauce with salt pork, sometimes referred to as “Boston baked beans”?




2. Beans simmered and/or baked in a tomato based sauce (with any manner of variations in sweetness, spiciness, etc.)?



Here’s why I ask–


I LOVE baked beans.


Love them.


I’ve loved them since I was a child and I eat them with burgers, dogs, and also German potato dumplings.


Occasionally, however, I’d go to a potluck cookout and there’d be a big serving dish of baked beans. I’d load up my plate, take a big bite, and then nearly gag. They were NOT what I knew as baked beans.


I’m embarrassed to admit that this happened to me many, many times before I determined that there were clearly different ideas out there about what exactly constituted “baked beans.”




Do YOU like baked beans? And, if so, which type are you familiar with?



[For the record, I only like the "Boston baked beans" type that are sweetened with molasses or, occasionally up here in New England and also Canada, maple syrup. Though I love both beans and tomatoes, I can't get onboard with that other sort of baked beans. ;) ]

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