Take Heart, Irish Twin Mamas



Irish twin babies are hard.


There’s just no getting around it.


True twin parents will point out all the ways in which it is not the same, and, you know what? They’re totally right. In many ways, having Irish twins is nothing at all like having actual twins. The thing is… while in some ways Irish twins might be easier, in others they’re actually harder.


Having two babies who are both very much babies, but who are in totally different developmental stages? Is no cakewalk.


This is what my life looked like all too frequently in those early days:


Crying Babies


Oh, sure, they weren’t always crying. And we definitely had smooth, happy times. I wouldn’t have traded my Irish twin babies for the world. But… people? It was exhausting. And challenging. And, frankly, hard to find to other people who could truly relate.


But, if your world looks a little too much like that pic above right now, I want to encourage you to take heart. Don’t fret. Take a deep breath and just know that your rewards will be here before you know it:




Siblings who have always had each other. Who know no other way. Who are used to being together. Who are beautfiully close in age and interests.


There are more easy days than hard ones just around the corner. :)

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2 comments to Take Heart, Irish Twin Mamas

  • Lori

    My world looked like this a year ago and it is finally getting easier. I had a premature baby (10 weeks early) and 14 months later another baby. So the first one was behind developmentally and not walking yet, unable to eat regular table food and was a baby, when her brother came along. Now she just turned 2 and he is almost 1 and they fight and don’t like to share but they are playing together and being super sweet at times, it is so fun to watch, but it has definitely been hard. I wouldn’t trade it even if it was unplanned.

    • I wouldn’t trade it either, Lori! :) I’m so glad it’s starting to get a bit easier and, if your experience is anything like mine, it will just continue to get easier and easier with the years– so that’s something to look forward to, too!

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