School’s Out For Summer!

{{sing it with me now!}}


And if you don’t know that song? Well… I’m sorry. That is all. ;)




We finished up the school year yesterday and, while there was lots of moaning and groaning around here about how late we had to go, the reality is that this is about the time we usually get out. In fact, many, many years, we’ve been in school past my birthday and that won’t get here until tomorrow, so we’re doing just fine.


Honestly, I don’t think we got so spent out of shape about how late we went to school here before the dawning of social media. When I think back to my childhood (which was also spent here in Connecticut– well, and upstate New York, but they go late, too), we didn’t really complain, because we didn’t know any different.


Okay, that’s not totally true. My three cousins who are all the same exact age as me– and let me just tell you how awesome that is (especially since I’m technically the youngest of the four– ha!)– grew up in Wisconsin and they all got out before me every year. But, I mean, it was the 80s. And early 90s. I only knew when they got out because their moms or dads would have told my mom on the phone sometime. Or maybe my one cousin sent me a letter and mentioned it. But it wasn’t a big deal, because you’d hear about it once and then, frankly, it was out of sight and out of mind.


Now, come Memorial Day, we’re inundated with all our Midwest and Southern friends’ shots of how they’re spending their summer vacations. Picnics! Pools! Playgrounds! The fun simply abounds!


And we’re still packing lunches and signing homework folders.


(Nevermind that I know full well we don’t go back to school quite as early as those places who get out in May or early June. And I also know that we get lots of “extra” days off, like the Jewish holidays and the Tuesday after President’s Day.)


It just makes me really consider, I think, all the different dimensions of the “comparison trap” that can exist when we have all day/every day access to other people’s lives. And I’m not even considering the picture-perfect Pinterest moments! I’m just talking about looking at the reality of what’s happening.


Here’s a fun fact: ¬†when I graduated high school, they had to hold a special board meeting to determine if my class would graduate 1) before we actually finished the school year, 2) on a weeknight, or 3) in July. You know why? Because we had SO many snow days that year that our last day of school was June 28th, I believe.


But the thing is… even though we, of course, knew that we were going to school late that year (even for us), we were all in the same boat, so we just sort of shrugged and moved on.


There were no pool and picnic shots captured on Instagram to make us bitter.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I adore social media. I love Facebook and Instagram and I still love the heck out of Twitter whenever my #retrotwitter peeps are around.


Pinterest is fun, too, as long as you realize that it’s all shined-up and pristine compared to nitty-gritty real life.


But I guess I never considered how even the mundane, 100% real details of other people’s lives can start to make you feel frustrated and bitter if you’re not careful.


I think it’s a good thing to keep in mind.


(This chunk of old-school blogging brought to you by nostalgic JessieLeigh. It’s been awhile since I gave myself the freedom to just type and type and type to flesh out a thought. Remember when that was the norm?? Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope I didn’t waste your time– I know it’s valuable and I’m so very grateful you deem me worth of your minutes!)


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