Packing Spices for Travel



I am a big lover of being able to prepare some of our own meals when we travel. Whether that’s having a mini-fridge and a microwave, a campfire, or a full-blown kitchen, I love to be able to help our budget while fixing some favorites.


I am not, however, a big fan of cooking without any spices. Salt and pepper go a long way, but they don’t offer the wide array that my family enjoys. Good spices can take a meal from “meh” to marvelous.


When traveling, space is at a premium, so I have no interest in schlepping around a half dozen little glass bottles and metal tins. Fortunately, I’ve found an easy, cheap solution.


I present to you my hack for packing spices for travel:


Spice Container for Travel


An empty little girls’ hair band container (cleaned and dried) makes a fantastic traveling spice rack! Simply fill each compartment with one of your favorite spices and label with a Sharpie marker.


Don’t have little girls around? Your hair bands don’t come in this sort of container? No worries! A pill case would work equally well and is available just about everywhere.


Happy travels!


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1 comment to Packing Spices for Travel

  • That’s pretty brilliant! I keep my everyday spices in a drawer in stackable plastic bead containers. It works well!

    I have been avoiding making a menu plan for our trip. But I know I need to so at least I can bring spices!

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