Menu Plan: The Cottage Vacation Plan



Well, greetings from the shore! By the time you all read this, we’ll be all settled into our cottage RIGHT on the sand and enjoying a much-anticipated week away from the daily grind. Hooray!


When planning this vacation, one thing became abundantly clear: my husband and I had vastly different ideas of what our meals away should look like. He had fully expected that we’d be eating just about all of our meals out. Meanwhile, one of the things I adore about renting a cottage is the ability to prepare quick things here and there right at “home.” Neither one of us could understand the other’s mindset, at first.


Once I assured him that, no, I would not feel burdened by preparing meals and, yes, I would absolutely make sure we ate a whole ton of “fun”, atypical things, he relaxed a little bit about my “eat at home” plan. I, in turn, readily agreed to two dinners out because, hey, I’m not crazy– going out is fun from time-to-time!


With all that said, here’s the run-down of what our super-fun and ultra easy and laidback vacation meal plan looks like:


you gotta eat



Cereal & Fruit (x3)

Egg Sandwiches on English muffins

Bagels w/ PB, Fruit

Breakfast Burritos


Ice Cream, Fruit, & Coffee ON THE BEACH




Ramen Noodles


Macaroni & Cheese

Pasta & Sauce

Cheese Quesadillas

Pasta Salad




Burgers, Beans, & Corn

Penne Alfredo w/ Crab, Green Beans

Hot Dogs, Pickles, Corn


OUT x 2




Nutty Bars





Purple Cows (<– vanilla ice cream, grape juice, 7-UP or seltzer)



And that’ll do it! I did a vast amount of shopping back home at ALDI and made my life oh-so-easy. Is this the way we eat normally? Not so much. But let me tell you– everyone is SO excited about these fun meals and snacks and I deliberately chose things that are totally flexible and easy. Me? I’ll rest a little easier knowing that our budget is in much better shape than it would be with a gazillion meals out. :)


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4 comments to Menu Plan: The Cottage Vacation Plan

  • Laraba

    I’m totally with you! We haven’t taken our kids many places but when we go, we make it a point of having a kitchen so we don’t have to eat out all the time. My personal feeling is that going out is actually MORE work — but of course, we have 9 children. But oh, having to sit and wait for food with a bunch of kids is NOT EASY :-). And it is horribly expensive. Have a great time!

  • I enjoyed planning for this vacation we’re on so much! Our little cottage is stocked. Last night I made ham slices, macaroni and cheese, and baby carrots. For lunch we had baked potato bar, and for dinner it’s hamburgers and hot dogs on the BBQ. Simple things, no recipes, and everyone is happy. And it certainly costs a lot less than coughing up the beach-inflated prices for a meal out for 7.

    Mr. V and I had a couple slightly more refined meals before the kids got here – Balsamic Pasta Salad, tuna burgers. But still simple things. Which are best served with a side of fresh ocean air.

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