Menu Plan: June has arrived!



Well, hallelujah! What a delight to be able to write out a menu plan on a computer and use actual links and all that good stuff that makes these things halfway HELPFUL, right? :)


We are now in June, which is arguably my favorite month of the year. The weather tends to be stellar and the light is abundant. I’ve told you all before that I was born on one of the longest days of the year, so that should be a tip-off that 38 is right around the corner for me. That’s fine by me! I don’t really have any issues with my age.



Where does the time go???


My youngest also has a birthday coming up, plus we’ll be heading out on a beach vacation at the end of the month. All reasons to be so happy that it’s June!!




Anyway, as the school year FINALLY comes to a close and we enjoy this stellar month, here’s what we’ll be eating:


you gotta eat





B– Cereal (Pretzels for A.), Apples, Milk (for the littles, before 7:30am Mass)

L–Ham, Egg, & Cheese English Muffin Sandwiches

D–Sunday Supper at B. & P.’s



B– Eggs, Toast w/ Dandelion Jelly, Juice

D–Chicken & Steak Fajitas



B–Apple Oven Pancake, Milk

D–Sausage Grinders, Carrot Sticks



B–Apple Oven Pancake, Vanilla Greek Yogurt


D–Cheesy Beans & Rice (date night)



B–PB&Dandelion Jelly, Milk


D–Pigs in Blankets, Corn



B–Eggs, Cereal, Fruit, Milk

D–Large Ham Pizza, Medium Broccoli Pizza



B–Broccoli, Egg, Fried Potato, & Cheese Skillets

D–Beefy Salsa Mac & Cheese



And, that’ll do it! What interesting or tasty things will you be eating this week?

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