Five… and fantastic



My precious G,


This is how you looked when I woke you this morning:




Tousled hair, bright eyes, and a sweet smile. You bless us in so many ways.


Your darling profile has captured my heart for every year we’ve shared. Back then, you wore headbands on your fuzzy little head. Now? You wear stick-on earrings and delight in being a little lady.


g-profile then & now



You tell me you want to have nine babies and you make me promise that I’ll live close so I can help you. Dressing as a princess is part of your regular routine, but you never choose to sit on a throne or pretend you’re dripping in jewels. Instead, you gather babies in your arms and set about taking care of them. I love that about you– your love of sparkle and nurturing heart that both run so very deep.





“When is pizza and a movie night again, Mommy? Two days??” ¬†You look forward to it so very much. You pray that black olives and ham will make an appearance — your daddy agrees– and you don’t hesitate to dress for the occasion:
G-dressed for pizza


You love your big brother and he adores you right back. You have your moments– a natural firstborn leader, he sometimes doesn’t appreciate your feisty, demanding lastborn self, but you mostly enjoy one another. These moments? They’re abundant. And I’m so grateful for that. (Also? You can ALWAYS find the camera. ;) )





You and your sister? Well, you butt heads on a daily basis. (You usually win.) You’re dear friends at the heart of it, however, and can’t stay away from each for long. C. can’t wait until you’re in kindergarten and at the same school as her next year. (Me? I can wait!) I love this pic that so perfectly captures your sweet innocence and natural beauty– Daddy calls it our very own Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.




If anyone wonders whom you look like, they needn’t look far. You are your mama’s girl in more ways than one. Feisty, determined, sparkly, bright, but, at the core, deeply sensitive, I understand every facet of you, even when I find your behavior maddening.


JLat4 (1)



Sparkle on, birthday princess. You are pure delight. And I’m not even the only one who thinks so. :)





Happy 5th Birthday, my darling G.


You are a treasure.




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