So, I sure hope you all had lovely weekends and were able to enjoy Mother’s Day! We had perfect weather and a wonderful time. I got to go out for a LONG lunch with my mother and sister on Saturday, which was fantastic. And my four-year-old captured this shot of me on Mother’s Day:




I guess that’s what I look like from her angle! Ha!


Anyway, while everything was perfectly lovely and enjoyable around here, there were, as always, some bumps in the road. Our traditional family brunch got foiled by a sudden illness. My poor little A. got hit with a migraine just before bed– and really got no relief until he vomited and conked out. And, finally, a whole bottle of water got spilled on our laptop. I’m not naming the perpetrator, but I will say it wasn’t a child. (It also wasn’t me… though I’ll be honest– I’m the one more prone to things like that!!!)


So… I’m writing this on a phone. And that stinks. And I’m praying our Macbook miraculously dries out and still functions!


Sigh… and that’s what I know for now. So tell me… how was YOUR weekend? :)

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3 comments to Yikes

  • My Chromebook seems like it’s going to bite the dust, too … so if you find a 2-for-1 deal let me know. ;) Sorry about your unexpected day! Mr. V tried really hard to make yesterday special, but Libbie tried really hard to make it rotten. So there’s that. Also David screamed about being hungry 60% of the day.

  • Laraba

    I had to laugh about Mother’s Day. Our 3 year old peed in the basement and tracked it through the house. Our almost 2 year old got up too early from his nap and cried for almost 2 hours straight. But our older 6 kids gave me hugs and kisses, and church was good. So it was a typical day of motherhood — good moments and challenging moments too.

    So sorry about the laptop! I hope it does indeed come back from the dead.

  • Kim N

    I have chronic migraines, and have had them since preschool. I started getting them a lot beginning in 3rd grade. Looking back, I think that was a bad year due not handling stress well. You might check on that with A. unless you already know the cause/triggers (which could be in addition to stress). Stress can’t be removed, obviously, but good stress mgmt skills can be taught. I was a Type A, naturally educationally gifted, overachiever, perfectionist (which seems a lot like some of A.’s traits you’ve described in the past). I got sick with a migraine almost every Friday during 3rd grade, and would go home lie in the dark and eventually throw up. I wish someone would have recognized the stress I put on myself and helped me deal with it better.

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