The End of the Year List… awesome.



So, let me preface this post by reminding you all how very much I love our school. I do. In fact, I lovity love love LOVE our school. This fact is well-documented on this here blog, in my writings for Life as MOM, and in all the Facebook posts I’ve hashtagged #ourschoolrocks. Seriously– we have a great school.


But, lest you think I have absolutely zero gripes or that everything is always sunshine and roses around here, let me tell you all a little story…




Monday afternoon, my precious second child came bounding off the bus, her face wreathed in smiles.


“I have such a FUN SURPRISE in my backpack!” she giddily announced.


I grinned back. I mean… fun surprise? I’m up for that!


And this is what I found–


End of the Year List


I’ll save you from having to squint your way through all that. Basically, it is a happy little goldenrod colored paper that announces that the end of the school year is coming! Well– yay! Right??? In fact, the end of the school year is apparently 26 days away, starting this upcoming Monday. (Spare me all the details about you people who get out next week or whatever, ‘mm kay?)


Anywho, since there will be TWENTY-SIX days left and, wouldn’t you know it, there are TWENTY-SIX letters in the alphabet, wouldn’t it be just a peachy-keen bowl full of awesomesauce if we were to do a SUPER FUN special activity for each letter in a countdown to the end?!?!? Well… WOULDN’T IT?


(Spoiler alert: no, it wouldn’t.)


You see, here’s the thing…


While I still absolutely ADORE our school, and while I truly do appreciate the teachers’ desire to make this all super fun for the kids, I simply do not need TWENTY-SIX different things to remember. I mean… honestly? I’m doing well when I remember who needs gym shoes, who needs library books, and who needs their recorder. I’m a decently organized woman, but, for the love…




I can’t even…


And, so, if it crosses your mind, please remind me next Monday that my second grader should be wearing animal print.


And crazy hair on Wednesday.


And exercise clothes on Friday.


And that I shouldn’t forget the days when I’ll need to send a stuffed animal, a joke, a magazine, a pillow, an orange, a towel, a…



Please excuse me, now.


I think I need a nap.

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5 comments to The End of the Year List… awesome.

  • Courtney

    Hmmm yep that’s a lot to remember for the end of the year. But it is a really cute idea! God bless the sweet, enthusiastic teacher who thought of it all. :)

  • Yeah, that sounds fun … if you have ONE child! WAYYYY too much to remember. Makes me break out into hives. ;)

  • I think you need to instagram it every day. That will be something to look forward to — at least for the rest of us. You can do this! :)

  • earleyml

    Our daycare had a week of wearing something different everyday and I thought 5 days was hard to remember. A letter a day activity would be fun if only 5 of them meant bringing something from home. If the teacher did activities that didn’t require parent involvement, than that would be fun! :)

  • Aim to get half of it right. Still celebrate when you only remember 25% of it. This is cute…but only in theory, NOT in practice!

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