MYODN (Make-Your-Own-Date-Night)



Every couple of months, my husband and I have the pleasure of venturing out on the town, sans kids, for a date night OUT. For some of you, that seems sort of pathetic, as you manage to go out far more frequently. For others, it likely sounds like a dream come true since you haven’t been able to feel comfortable leaving your children in what feels like eons. Either way, just know that this is the season that we are currently in and, as always, it will shift as schedules change and little people grow.


Despite not getting out a whole lot, we still have weekly “date nights” around here. I’ve written extensively on why I think this is important and exactly how we make it happen.


In the past, date nights looked like this: I fed the kids, cleaned up, and then took A. to karate. While I was there, my husband played with the girls, then took them somewhere to pick up take-our for OUR dinner, then put them to bed. A. and I would get home and he’d get cleaned up and ready for bed. My husband would read with him and tuck him in while I unpackaged and set out our food.




There are some really good things about that plan and it worked very well. That’s why we stuck with it for so long. Honestly, there’s something lovely about knowing that you don’t have to prepare your own meal (even if you’ve made something for the little people.) It’s also nice to have someone else pick it up. We’d alternate between places, but it was never from anywhere terribly pricey– Subway, Chinese, etc. Never fancy, but good enough. That’s how we rolled.


But a week or so ago, I passed some pretty little tenderloins in the store. I eyed them, once, twice, then walked on. They cost more than I typically spend on meat and, with only two per pack, I’d need to buy at LEAST two packages and, really, three would be better. Lots of good eaters in this house.


But then I had an “ah hah!” moment as the figures ran through my head. I could buy the tenderloins, make some tasty sides, and still come in under our typical date night cost ($10-$20.) Would I have to do a little work? Sure. But I decided it was worth it.




Date nights are looking a little different these days. I have dishes to deal with and we get started eating a tad later.


But I don’t mind.


We’re eating steak. Seafood. We’re sipping wine together as I stir homemade creamy pasta sauces in the kitchen.


Make Your Own Date Night?


Yep. It works for me. :)

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