Menu Plan: The No Computer Edition



Blogging on a phone? Stinks! I tip my hat to those of you so do this with any kind of regularity. I’m still a bit of a smart phone newbie, too, so that probably doesn’t help. Anyhow, if this is what I’ve got, I’ll just have to make it work, right?


Spring has finally spring around here and I am loving it! Match and April in New England tend to be chilly and damp, but we get our reward in May and June when it is STUNNING. Yay!




Anyway, I’m enjoying the gorgeous weather and trying not to fret over the laptop. And, no matter what’s going on, we have to eat, right?


So here goes:



B– cereal, apples, and milk (for the littles, before 7:30am Mass)

L– Mediterranean scrambled eggs with spinach and feta, toast with peanut butter

D– tacos



B– granola, apples, milk

D– cheesy peas and rice (date night)



B– egg sandwiches, milk

D– beef and cheddar burritos, salad



B– breakfast pizza

D– sausage, pepper, and onion sandwiches



B– mixed berry muffins, eggs

D– pizza macaroni, broccoli



B– peanut butter toast, apples

D– large ham pizza, medium onion pizza



B– potato skillets with sausage gravy

D– spicy beef paella



And, alas… I can’t figure how to insert links on my phone. Gah! So frustrating! If you have questions about any of the meals, please feel free to ask! I’ll try to help out in the comments in any way I can. :)

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