Our laptop is dead.

D-E-A-D dead.

I really want to cry, but it won’t fix anything.

Out desktop’s been dead for some time now, a fact I could easily ignore since I way preferred the Macbook, anyway. I can no longer ignore it.

People? Being a blogger without a computer is no fun at all. Not one bit of fun.

I held out hope. We gave it time. Consulted multiple people. Looked into options. In the end, it would cost $750 to get a four year old computer repaired and guaranteed for a whopping 90 days. Really?


We’re going to need to buy a new computer. And I’m hoping you all can help me, because technology and electronics make my eyes glaze over… 

I’ll give you some info and you tell me what to buy, ‘k? ;)

1. I adore Macs, but I can’t afford another one right now. Seriously. So please don’t suggest it. It just make me sad. :( I know, I know… they’re awesome. But they’re also just too pricey right now. Boo hoo.

2. I would prefer another laptop. I blog on the fly, with little people underfoot. A desktop just didn’t fit my current season very well.

3. I NEED a keyboard. I’m not at all cool with blogging on a phone or tablet. I know how to type, properly and fast, and touchscreens annoy the living heck out of me.

4. I don’t care about screen size or resolution or anything particularly fancy. I’m not doing any super fancy editing here, friends, so I’m fine with the basics.

5. Price matters. The cheaper the better. Really. I’m inwardly cringing about this purchase already. Sigh…

6. And, finally, I am married to a man who does not like used or refurbished things. You can make arguments all day and I’ll listen and nod, but, at the end of the day, I’m the one whose husband objects. You’ll have to trust me when I say that he and I have gone round and round on this topic enough times now and I have deemed it no longer worth it. I’m not going to fight with my husband over it. So– let’s all just assume I’ll be getting something new, okay? :)

So there you go. Help a girl out? I seriously miss writing more substantial posts and being able to better interact.

Tell me… what should be my next computer?


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17 comments to Dead

  • Deeanna

    Have you thought about an ipad and getting the keyboard accessory?

    I used to have a laptop and hesitated switching to just a tablet. I bought a keyboard to go with my ipad and I find I just don’t use it.

    But it’s an idea.

  • Menda

    If you’re looking for something a little less pricey but still a Mac, you might look into a Mac mini. I wish I could help with the PC suggestions, but we’ve been an apple family for more than 10 years.

  • Kathy

    We are a Mac family. Have you considered a used Mac. We bought my mom a Macbook Pro for Christmas for $300 something. It works great and she loves it.

  • Laraba

    Let me see if I can get a few words with my husband about this. He bought me a new PC laptop about a year ago. My dh is one of those people who goes bananas about getting technology — he looks all over, checks things out, looks at reviews, etc. — it is great because my eyes glaze over as well. He and I have talked about the keyboard accessory to go with a tablet but haven’t actually gone that route. He has Google Nexus 7 but doesn’t have a keyboard. I’m like you. I type really fast (90 words a minute) and don’t want to deal with a touch screen :-).

  • Celine

    While a tablet with keyboard attachment is a great option there are still so many things you just still can’t do. Many websites still contain content that uses Flash that tablets can’t use. If you already had a tablet that would be a great short term option but for the price of an ipad you can buy a decent PC that will hold you until you can afford a Mac and likely is something the kids can still use down the road for basic school work.

    I can’t recommend anything specific ad I have been computerless almost 4yrs. My last laptop was a Sony (kids cracked the screen) and before that I had an HP. Both lasted a long time and help up to a lot of use and abuse (kids love to make them drop)

  • Laraba

    My husband said the first step is to figure out how much you are willing to spend. The second thing is…figure out what you want your laptop to do. He says if it is just internet and blogging and email, you don’t need a lot of processing power (as opposed to the situation where someone wants to play high intensity graphic games, which requires a powerful video card.) His last suggestion is to look on and start investigating PC’s in your price range. Look at reviews and find one that has good reviews. Just to give you an idea of price, we bought a laptop for me for $450 that can do what you want — blog, email, internet. It also has a DVD drive. It has worked great for my relatively simple needs. Oh, another online retailer is Newegg. They have helpful reviews about computers as well.

  • My hubby got me a Chromebook at Costco for Christmas. I cannot comment to the cost because I didn’t pay for it, but I lovity love love it. It just does internet stuff. And a few apps. But since that is all I use my computer for I have been fine. I am not an Apple person so my phone runs on Android and everything syncs because it is all Google based. I am seriously a Chromebook evangelist.

  • Kim N

    BTW, you scared the heck out of me with the title “Dead” and you’re daughter’s pic underneath. I’m sure that wasn’t your intent, but it freaked me out! 8-O

  • Lori

    I don’t do much online other than the general internet stuff, no videos or games and the laptops they have at walmart seem pretty good to me. You can get one for around $300. I’m looking to replace my four year old computer because it is so slow, and have been researching and looking there. I haven’t found a keyboard I like for my iPad yet and I type great on a standard keyboard. Typing papers on the iPad just isn’t the same, but my computer sometimes takes an hour to power up.

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